Shopping On Aliexpress.


Disclaimer: This is how I shop on Aliexpress, different strokes for different folks, it is not the HOW TO, but HOW I.

Hey bunnies and hunnies? Missed me? Haha don’t deny I know you did, chop kiss :*

Today’s post is up all thanks to Ene of ladybugbyene (congratulations on the domain girl!) for the inspiration, she emailed me some days back and asked how I shopped on Aliexpress with reference to the rings I wore in this post. For generalization sake, these tips can also be used when purchasing anything on Aliexpress.

How I shop on Aliexpress:

  • Free shipping – because I tend to buy things like rings on Aliexpress, I’d rather opt for the free shipping option if the seller has, if not, on to the next one, there are so many sellers selling the same thing I just have to find the one with free shipping (we all have alaroro-ness in our blood abeg).
  • Read reviews – because I’d like to know how long delivery took, if the item was true to what the seller advertised and other things. No doubt there will be bad reviews but you need to ratio that out before taking the plunge.
  • Low cost – I always ensure whatever I buy on Aliexpress isn’t up to $10 because ain’t no one wanna spend so much money and the item gets lost in transit, abeg, I no do.
  • Speak to the seller – if need be, I sometimes message the sellers just to inquire, it is good so they clear any doubts you have about their products.

It took 15 – 18 days to get the rings I purchased from NIPOST office at Zone 3, they were in great condition and well packaged. Delivery was long but that was okay since I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

About the rings I purchased, when worn for too long, they leave a greenish scar (I think my skin reacts to the materials mixed in making the rings) on my fingers but they disappear later in the day (downside of buying cheap stuff).

Shopping on Aliexpress is great because you find everything you need there and you can open a dispute/get a refund if what you ordered isn’t anything near what you wanted plus you can track your items too but as with everything/anything online, you have to thread carefully, always read reviews!

I hope I was able to help someone or anyone at all, also, I have product reviews coming up, brace yourselves!

P.S – Sales for this month will end in less than two weeks! Check the Shop page today, more items coming soon! :*



16 thoughts on “Shopping On Aliexpress.

  1. yes o! Team aliexpress. I get most of my makeup, skin and hair care tools, scarves, hair jewelries, etc from the site. I never spend more than N4000. Free shipping and frequent discounts are major pros. But there are also some small small cons as well like varied delivery time ( anywhere frm 2 weeks to 1 month), and the items lost in shipment. Asides that, Every other thing about aliepress is lovable!. You should try getting their satin scarves. Tip: type in ”women satin scarves 90x90cm” in the search box. I got four of them and I love them!


    1. Yes Team Aliexpress! It is great when you find the best supplier with great quality stuff oh!
      Makeup from Aliexpress? My dear I’m not sure oh, all these China people who don’t put ingredient list and stuff, do a review sha.
      Oh yes I was searching for satin scarves and I added some to my cart, Indian Hijab like scarves sha and they are within budget and of course free delivery!
      i hope the set of rings I bought are sitting at NIPOST office because I wasn’t able to track them once they got to Nigeria.


  2. I’ve always worried about using the free delivery, because I heard people at the NIPOST office sometimes steal them. But since you’ve said they actually get delivered i’ll try it, if it get’s lost it’s you i’m coming to oh!!!


    1. LOL!
      Steal? They can’t steal it oh, it’s a registered mail.
      NIPOST does door step delivery too so but you might pay a flat fee of 500n (depends on the weight, for rings I didn’t pay anything for delivery) upon delivery.
      For free delivery just ensure it’s China or Hong Kong registered mail and you’re good to go.
      I actually risked it and used “Seller’s shipping method” but I was able to track it and got my rings yesterday.

      P.S: If you’re buying rings, buy only resizeable rings, the set I got yesterday were too small. 😦


      1. haha, A few people I know have gotten things stolen, maybe not from Aliexpress though. I will have a go though, and see what happens, thanks, hun!


  3. Spot on with the tips!
    Reading reviews, choosing inexpensive things and opting for free shipping is the way to go with Aliexpress.
    Even though it takes forever to get here and I have to go pick it up at the post office.

    Nigerian and Natural


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