Post Wash Routine.

Hey loves, doing good today? This week has just been a drag so far because of the traffic and long hours at work but here’s a new post, I know I promised a product review but I felt I needed to tell you all what I do to my hair right after washing it. To read on how I wash my hair, click here.

What I Did

  • Sectioned my hair into four quadrants.
  • Starting from the last quadrant, I parted a mini section, spritz just water, applied my clarifying soap, rubbed my scalp to remove build up and twisted that section.
  • I rinsed my hair still in twists, applied more of my clarifying soap and rinsed again so I clarified my hair twice, sometimes thrice.
  • I skipped regular conditioning and jumped to DC but I used my rinse out conditioner as a DC (I’m low on a DC so that’s my trick).
  • I mixed Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner with Honey & EVOO to form a very light consistency.
  • I applied the mix to each unraveled twist then twisted it back.
  • Wore a plastic cap for about an hour or two.
  • After rinsing, my hair felt so moisturized and not dry and thirsty anymore.
  • I skipped the ACV rinse.
  • To moisturize, I unraveled each twist and did the LOC (Liquid/Leave In, Oil/s, Cream/Butter/Moisturizer) method (I’ve stopped adding oils to my hair since my leave in and my whipped shea butter are both infused with dozens of oils).
  • I applied JBCO (I know, a review soon, I promise) to my edges and scalp only.
  • Afterwards, I stretched my hair using thread.
  • Unraveling the thread the next day my hair felt moisturized still.
  • Since I’m still confused on what to do with my hair, I did mini twists on stretched hair.



DSC07821DSC07815DSC07826DSC07828 DSC07849DSC07873DSC07871

I honestly believe this is my best wash day experience yet because I manipulated my hair less and did a two-in-one method of washing my hair.

  • Clarifying soap = to clarify and detangle.
  • Rinse out conditioner = to moisturize, detangle and deep condition.

I have some products I purchased from Sizzelle over the weekend and they’d arrive this week, I’m excited to try these new products.



11 thoughts on “Post Wash Routine.

  1. Awwwn…been a while I saw your hair. I agree with detangling with your deep conditioner for this length of hair. I recently stopped it as I noticed my hair has lengthened over these past months. I now detangle with a rinse out conditioner ( Trader’s Joe all the way!!!!) prior to shampooing. Doing this takes me about 40 minutes and that the fastest I have gone so far since I left the TWA stage.


    1. I know right, stayed away so my mane can be missed haha!
      I like Trader Joe’s too, best ingredient list so far.
      I don’t even time myself, maybe I should.
      I’m still in TWA stage, long way to WL.


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