Island Beauty Lipsticks (Swatches)

Hey darlings, doing good?

I am in my phase of experimenting my interests and the one that has always been there but never got adequate attention is makeup. I love makeup, my parents still want me to go to makeup school after NYSC (after fashion school or maybe I’d do both together) and I’m just like, right, sure, no problem, divide me oh lol.

Island Beauty lipsticks are super affordable (under 500n) and I just felt to do a review on it just in case someone out there wants to buy.

I’ve always loved Island Beauty’s lipsticks, fell in love with one shade (Grape Icing) then my love for it sprung, let’s get into the review.

P.S This review is based on the Island Beauty Lipsticks sold by Mallams, someone is producing FAKE Island Beauty lipsticks.


Product: Island Beauty

Price: Ranges between 100n – 250n, I got Black Raspberry & Velvet, Pure Pink, Wild Red for 100n, Violet for maybe 150n and Grape Icing for 200n.

Packaging: It comes in a white and gold lipstick case with ‘Original” written at the bottom, a glued-on tag with the name of the shade underneath, a gold coloured interior (I’m not so psyched about their packaging, they can do better).

Where to buy: Honestly, any beauty shop or mallam but I think the mallams sell fake (theirs go for 100n if you can price well).

Pigmentation: Only the Grape Icing and Violet are well pigmented (what you see is what you get), others however are oily and break easily when applied especially the Pure Pink.

Overall Judgment: 

  • I love Island Beauty’s lipsticks provided they’re the original ones, they are super affordable.
  • From the pictures above, I applied the Black Velvet & Raspberry seven times, Pure Pink four times, Wild Red thrice, Grape Icing & Violet just twice to get the shade out.
  • They last quite long (but you might need to touch up), are well pigmented, they don’t have a drying feel, neither matte nor satin, just a fine blend of both I presume.
  • The Wild Red, Pure Pink, Black Velvet & Raspberry are fake no doubt and it’s pointless trying to make them work.
  • I’d rather you buy just one from a proper beauty store, swatch, then you can go back to repurchase if you love.

I’d be doing a proper review of each lipstick shade, stay tuned.




13 thoughts on “Island Beauty Lipsticks (Swatches)

  1. Oh! Imagine! I have had these for a while and I really didn’t know the name of the brand! Lol. Nice pictures! Your photographs are on point. 💜💛💚💙


    1. I love their lipsticks but someone is making fake ones. Only the Violet /Grape Icing are original.
      Yay! Thanks boo, I’m trying lol.


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