Island Beauty Lipstick Review – Pure Pink.



Hey darlings, doing good?

I’d be reviewing Island Beauty’s lipstick in Pure Pink, I have reviewed two of their lipsticks already, click here and here.

Just so you know, this is the worst lipstick shade ever (this one is so fake I can’t even hide it, whaaaattt)


Product: Island Beauty Lipstick in Pure Pink (more like yucky pink).

Price: 100n.

Where to buy: Mallam/Beauty store, I got mine from a Mallam in Wuse market.

Pigmentation: Overly pigmented that it breaks/cracks etc, uggh.

How long does it last? I cleaned it off after swatching because it coagulated and kept breaking so I can’t tell how long it will last.

Application: It doesn’t apply smoothly at all, coated it twice or thrice for the shade above.

Texture: It is so dry, like overly matte, not as oily or semi oily as Wild Red & Black Raspberry.

Will I buy again? Even if it’s the original, I’d have to read another swatch review before buying again. I bought it before and it had this same breakage problem so you know where I’m coming from.


Pure Pink is too light for my skin tone, I had no makeup on in the pictures above but still, it’s too light. I really regret buying this because I can’t even make it work at all. Don’t buy. (THIS IS A FAKE LIPSTICK P.S)

Visit the SHOP page today, discounts available. 😉




6 thoughts on “Island Beauty Lipstick Review – Pure Pink.

  1. Same issue i had when i got this shade but i just decided to try “ombre lips” (not sure thats what its called) with it. That is i added purple lipstick on it . And wolla it came out nice. At least preferable.


    1. For real? I think it’s safe to say the Pure Pink is a no-no.
      Yes ombre lips, I can’t even do that with this lipstick, the breakage is annoying ehn.


  2. I’ve bought this shade before; I used to refer to it as Nicki Minaj pink.
    I must have used it 3 times and dumped it because the shade was just too much for me and it always looked like chalk.
    Nigerian and Natural


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