Island Beauty Lipstick Review – Black Velvet.


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Hollllaaaa! What’s happening people? How’s your Saturday going? Any owambe? No? Why now?

I’d be reviewing Island Beauty lipstick in Black Velvet, for reviews on other shades check here here and here.


Product: Island Beauty Lipstick in Black Velvet.

Price: 100n.

Where to buy: Mallam/Beauty store, I got mine from a Mallam in Wuse market.

Pigmentation: Fair but still not well pigmented.

How long does it last? Since it’s fake, it isn’t long lasting at all, less than five hours, plus it dries to a somewhat matte finish and breaks/cracks.

Application: I had to coat it several times to get the shade out.

Texture: It has a dry feel, it sinks into every crack like a matte lipstick but it’s not entirely matte or satin, plus it breaks upon application.

Will I buy again? It’s fake but the original lipstick is really nice.


I like Black Velvet’s shade, if you’re looking for a subtle vampy look, this shade is right, however the pigmentation is off and what you see isn’t the exact shade you get, it looks like a lighter berry shade on my lips. (THIS IS A FAKE LIPSTICK P.S)



4 thoughts on “Island Beauty Lipstick Review – Black Velvet.

  1. I have this lipstick, the price is great, but it does not suit my complexion at all.

    I don’t experiment much when it comes to lip colour, I stick with what suits me- Red, Rose nude, Fuschia Pink and Nude, shikena! 😀


    1. You can use red lip liner to “change” the shade of this lipstick to one that’s slightly brighter than darker.
      Lol I know right, I also look for reds and darker shades. :*


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