Fro, Palazzo & Prints.


DSC08105 DSC08106


Hey dolls, forgive me for my unannounced sabbatical, I was down with malaria last week but don’t fret, I’m back to being fabulous lol.

I wasn’t going to post this because my sister sucks at snapping pictures with the camera but I decided it was time for an outfit post, no?

This is what I wore to church some Sundays ago, except the lipstick, wore nude to church then changed to red when I got home for picture sake.

Has anyone noticed I love how these shoes and purse just go with every outfit? I wore them here too.

For my hair, I got defined twists from unraveling two weeks old twists, I used just shea butter mix to seal in moisture, no gel or curl pudding.

I’m currently wearing braids and guess what I finally went blonde!

Blouse – Atmosphere, gifted.

Palazzo – Atmosphere, gifted.

Purse – New Look, sister’s wardrobe.

Shoes – Brash, gifted.

Rings – Aliexpress.

Here’s to sound health and more content, cheers!

Visit the shop page today, kisses.


29 thoughts on “Fro, Palazzo & Prints.

    1. Thank God for healing oh.
      Awww really? Lol I’m blushing real bad, thanks so much hun.
      Ehn? Tutorial? Like YouTube and stuff? LOL I can’t YouTube oh.


  1. Gloriously mellow yellow!

    Glad you are feeling better, sometimes the medication makes one feel even worse than the malaria itself.

    I like how nude or tan sandals complement almost everything.

    Perfectly styled outfit, you look lovely Bookie 🙂


  2. You look absofuckinglutely gorgeous from the hair to the top oh those knuckle rings, you just awakened my obsession, nude bag and shoes lovestruck them palazzos too! I’m so rocking this pretty soon


    1. Haha you know it was strictly self medication, I honestly loathe hospitals jo.
      Thanks baby, your blog doesn’t want me to comment oh 😦


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