Island Beauty 2015 Summer Collection Lipsticks Review.


Hey darlings, Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim boyfriends and girlfriends, send my Sallah meat abeg.

I did the initial swatches of the Island Beauty 2015 Summer Collection Lipsticks here, so today I’d be doing my final reviews.

P.S I was really feeling myself in almost all the pictures, bear with me biko.

P.P.S Can you see my blonde braids? You like? I’d be doing maybe a full post or broken down posts of how I style/care for my braids (just because Grace of epiphany29 wants it).


Island Beauty Lipstick in Lavender

Easy to apply.

No caking or breaking or dryness.

True to its shade.

Highly pigmented.


Island Beauty Lipstick in Peach

Easy to apply.

Well pigmented.

Feels smooth when you rub your lips together.

Slightly lighter than the shade in the lipstick.

DSC08235DSC08208Island Beauty Lipstick in Strawberry

A little difficult to get the shade on my lips.

Best applied with lip liner prior to application.

Easy to apply in terms of smoothness.

True to its shade.


No breaking.

DSC08289 DSC08254

Island Beauty Lipstick in Citrus Orange

A little difficult to get the shade onto my lips.

Best applied with a matching shade of lip liner prior to wearing.

Smooth on the lips, a little creamy.

Slightly darker than the shade on the lipstick.

DSC08125DSC08135Island Beauty Lipstick in Cranberry

Three strokes gives the shade on my lips, easy to apply.

Smooth to apply.

A little creamy.

No dryness or breaking.

Highly pigmented.

True to its shade.

DSC08399 DSC08337DSC08394

Island Beauty Lipstick in Black Raspberry

Lovely satin lipstick.

Highly pigmented, I couldn’t get the lipstick off my lips, more like a lip stain in a satin texture.

Easy to apply, three strokes and you’re good to go.

Slightly creamy but more of a satin feel.

Which shade is your favorite? I’m loving the Black Raspberry (as you can see), Cranberry and Strawberry. If I’m feeling very adventurous I’d try the Lavender.

How’d you like my face beat? Makeup artists in the house how did I do?

P.S There’s a vigil at church today (Commonwealth of Zion Assembly; COZA), I’m personally inviting you all (if you’re in Abuja), see you there!



19 thoughts on “Island Beauty 2015 Summer Collection Lipsticks Review.

  1. Black raspberry is my favourite, there’s a big, fat difference compared to the fake version.

    I love your cheekbone contouring or is it perfectly applied blush?

    Nicely done Bookie 🙂


    1. Yes, a big fat difference. I wanted to do a side by side with the fake but it skipped my mind.
      Aww thanks hun, all thanks to these YouTube/Instagram makeup artists oh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful, all of them… but my fav is the black raspberry… Im not a mua but ur make up is on “flake”… lol… I always thought this particulaparticular brand was razz and local maybe made in someones backyard, now i know they’re fakes…


    1. That’s my favorite shade too!
      Haha aww thanks hun.
      It’s a great lipstick, someone is just trying to ruin their name by producing the fake.


  3. I love black used to be my go to lipstick, but then I couldn’t find the original anymore so I gave up.


  4. Cranberry and Black Raspberry look sooooooooo good! Black Raspberry is still my favourite though. Used to rock it like mad a decade ago……. Maybe I should tell someone coming over from Naija to being a couple of Cranberry and Black Raspberry shades for me. Can you provide the details of their licensed retailer? I’ll see if I can find them over here as well. Barka de Sallah to you too……


    1. Black Raspberry is so hot. If you’re in the UK you can check loveafrocosmetics.
      However in my earlier post I included the contact information of their licensed retailer in Lagos, please refer to that hun.


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