Catching Up.

LOL! LOL! LOL! You know I’d definitely laugh the laugh of guilt right?

Hi dooollllssss! I’m so sorry for my unexplained “leave” but I’m going to make up for times lost, am I forgiven? puppy eyes

So how have you been? Awesome? Yay! Thank God.

Oya let’s catch up because you all are my cyber friends!


  • I took out my blonde braids on Saturday, it was four weeks already and it was smelling sort of sha, I couldn’t wash my hair with the braids in because my hair would get so frizzy and become a tangled empire. I did the same take down method here.


  • I’ve been using my L.A Girl Foundation & Powder (I don’t know why the powder looks like a pink blush in this picture lol) frequently and I’m quite impressed with it, thinking of doing a review but I’ve gotta peep these MUAs first so I can get a template on how to do makeup reviews lol. I’m also using the L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer in Fawn to highlight.

  • restarted my journey with Christ last month (3/7/2015) and I’ve been meaning to maybe do a section on the blog, jotting my encounters/challenges/opportunities/miracles and etc, like a diary so to speak but quite interactive, what do you think?


  • You all read my post on Grace‘s blog right? Is Kissing A Sin? Well it got published in RCCG‘s (Redeemed Christian Church of God) The Mantle Magazine, I was super stoked when it was released, like my heart was beating faster than usual and I just have to give a little testimony that indeed God can change you from a sinner to a saint, a nobody to an important figure, yes God is still changing lives hunnay.


  • Congratulations to my girl Vanessa for getting her domain and finishing university! LLB (she studied law) things in the house! Yay! She’s a fashion blogger and she blogs at FineIgboGirl

P.S – Shop.Zlanche now has synthetic wigs for sale, peep the shop page on Instagram for more.

I’d like to know what you all have been up to as well: work, school, relationships, makeup, hair, spiritual growth, anything, just leave a comment below so we can gist.





15 thoughts on “Catching Up.

  1. Well, I’ve been here refreshing your page waiting for a new post. hahaha. Yes girl to ‘Is Kissing A Sin’ post. who knew it would go that far. Sha alert us when you decide to go MIA ooo. We love you still, well I do. Mwah.
    The Lady N The Hat


    1. Thanks dear, it’s the absolute best decision I’ve made this year.
      Lol no problem. The Spirit will convict or convince you on the points.


  2. Hey Bookie. I have just read ur “Is kissing a sin?” post and i like it. It is a real eyeopener for me as a christian.:-). Congragulations on getting it published.
    I cannot wait to read the posts about your christian journey and challenges and so on. We learn from not only our experiences but other poeple’s too. So i know it will be a helpful column.


  3. Hello Bookie,

    Welcome back, thank you for the nicely written catch up / update. I saw your guest post on Grace’s blog a while ago.

    I’ve been sewing a lot more, I stepped into a “Do rather than Procrastinate” state of mind in July and I am thankful to God for that 😀

    Have a lovely rest-of-the-week!


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