Cleopatra Hair.

Hey Dolls! Doing good today?

I wrote a post (again lol) on Grace‘s blog on Unforgiveness, read, share and enjoy!


I made my hair yesterday, I call it channeling my inner Cleopatra and Amrezy and it cost less than 10000n (both weave and service charge) so adjust your seat and get this scoop hunnay.

Weave – Nature HH Straight Human Hair in colour 1, 8″ for the back and 12″ for the front with an invisible lace parting at the centre.

This is the first time I’d use Nature Human Hair and it’s quite nice, a little too light in terms of body and bends to your will like Chocolate Hair. I’d prefer you use Passion Hair because it has more body than this Nature or Chocolate Hair.

Timing – I didn’t check the time but say less than two hours because the stylist was fast.

Style – The invisible lace part is so nice! He used this brown net as an underlay then started to glue the hair in bits, people think I have lace closure on. 😉

Cost – Nature Hair 8″ is 1500n and 12″ is 3500n, Stylist charges 3000n but I paid less because I’m cute lol. Overall the hair cost less than 10000n, great bargain right?

Where to buy – If you’re in Abuja, check Wuse market

Salon – If you’ve been searching for a stylist (like I have) in Abuja then you should give this stylist at Wuse market a try, he does all kinds of fixing but he doesn’t braid. Just tell him you got his contact from Bookie and he can reduce a little for you (no promises oh).

I chose not to cut the hair just because I’m still going to curl it, straighten it and style it differently from time to time, you can cut yours if you wish.

If you want his contact information, send an email to and I’d send it to you.

Moving on, I’m actually showing off my makeup in these pictures because I didn’t take a comb to work today so my hair is in a mess sort of.

Let me talk about what I used like all these MUAs do lol, please I’m new to this makeup game but I’ve been doing my brows for over three years now hunnay. 😉


I need a better camera plus the sun isn’t out to play today of all days. 😦


Primer – Now Foods Vegetable Glycerine.

Foundation – L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup in Mocha (it is a light coverage foundation hence why you can see my pimples)

Powder – L.A Girl Pressed Powder in Caramel.

Cheeks, Nose & Cupid’s Bow Highlight – L.A Colors Bronzer.

Blush – Romantic Bird Duo Blush.


Eyebrows – Davis Pencil in number 3.

Eyebrows Concealer – L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer in Fawn (I think Toffee will be a better brow highlight then Fawn a face highlight).

Eyebrows Highlight – L.A Colors Bronzer.

Eyeshadow – Ailin brown powder in number 3 (it is actually a brown powder but it’s too muddy for my skin tone)

Waterline – L.A Girl Gel Glide Liner in Whiten.

Mascara – Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

Eyeliner – Bewitching Streamline Liquid Eyeliner.


Lip balm – Chapstick.

Lipstick – Classic Pure Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

All purchased from Zlanche.

I scooped the hand gesture from Nay of beatbynay, the hair tucked behind ears and face pose from Amrezy

Do you like my makeup and hair? ^.^


21 thoughts on “Cleopatra Hair.

  1. No, I don’t like your hair, I love it!!! Hopefully I’l bait my eyelashes at my own stylist and he will reduce price for me hehehe. I wish o! I love it!!! Your makeup is nice too.
    Shopping On A Budget


  2. Hiya,

    You look lovely.

    The weave looks so soft. I love the technique that was used to achieve the invisible part, it’s my first time of seeing this, I will give it a try whenever I don’t want to leave any hair out when fixing my weave. Thank you for sharing this tip.

    I didn’t know glycerin could be used as a primer, I watch make-up tutorials sometimes and I am always impressed with the cleverness of using Milk of Magnesia as a primer. Glycerin is also a great beauty hack, well done!


    1. Yay thanks darling. ☺️ Yes the weave is soft and light but sheds uncontrollably though. I’m yet to do a review on the glycerin but it’s great for dry skin but bad if you sweat a lot.

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