Checkered & Leopard Print.

Hi dolls!

Happy new month! My birthday is next week Sunday; 13th September! Yay!

I honestly apologize for the lack of posts these days, my phone spoilt, wi-fi was out etc but I’m here now, how have y’all been? We need to catch up oh so drop your comments below let’s gist!

Today I’m doing an outfit post, it’s been a while you know so here goes.

I wore this dress to church some Sundays ago and oh I’m going to show my makeup too, I’ve been improving on my makeup blending game and I’m glad with my progress.

Oh it’s so amazing that Dana Fashina of I’veGotCake wore this exact dress in a shorter length with shorter sleeves in this post so this is more like an almost style collab ^.^

Now to the picttuurreess!




Dress – Fabric from Tejuosho market, designed by me, sewn by my tailor.

Shoes – From Sass & Class.

Hair – Nature Straight hair in 12″ & 8″.





Eyeshadow – Bh Cosmetics 120 Sixth Edition Eyeshadow Palette.

Eyeliner – Bewitching streamine liquid eyeliner.

Eyebrows – Davis Eyepencil in No. 8.

Face – L.A Girl Foundation, Powder, Concealer & Orange Corrector.

Lips – Island Beauty Lipstick in Black Raspberry.

Highlighter – L.A Colors Bronzer.


If there are certain posts you’d like to see on the blog let me know dolls.

Oya let’s gist, what have you all been up to?


22 thoughts on “Checkered & Leopard Print.

  1. Aww, we sure did miss you!
    You look gorgeous! The hair really suits you and the makeup is beautiful!
    The check print and leopard print actually look great together + the dress is really nice; your tailor gets 10/10!
    Nigerian and Natural


  2. You look lovely!! Your make up is simple and nice. I really have to put more effort into perfecting my non existence make up routine.

    Happy birthday in advance!!


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