My God & I: On Turning 21.

Hello dolls!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate and celebrate you all!

So my birthday was on Sunday the 13th and omo talk about a disaster. I cried ehn. Nothing fell in place and I was overwhelmed by the disappointments so I was just crying up and down lol because when I’m frustrated I cry.

Let me highlight the imperfections:

  • my tailor messed up my dress, it took extra effort on my part to make it come out half as nice as it did.
  • my cake arrived very late.

  • it rained heavily so I was unable to take full length pictures.

  • I bought those big number balloons but couldn’t make use of them because of the rain.

  • my family were being nonchalant about my annoyance which even annoyed me the more.

  • the devil just made me super angry for nothing lol I’m telling you.

But this morning I read an article from Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo on Gratitude. Let me show some excerpts.

…Life can be so challenging that the challenges become the focus. It becomes easy to overlook what is working and concentrate on what is not.

You see, even though things may seem like they are not working, some things are actually working. Your lungs have not collapsed; you’re alive to read this article; your eyes can still see.

Be grateful! Let your response to any situation be thanksgiving.

I read this and immediately started thanking God for everything, better late than never. Sunday was very hot so I’m sure some people prayed for rain. I’m alive to celebrate twenty one years on earth whereas some people died after taking their first breath. I still have a family that can annoy me, others are orphans.

There are so many things to be grateful for indeed and things could’ve been worse than they turned out so I spent this morning thanking God, for everything happens on purpose for a purpose.

All in all, I’m learning to praise and thank God in every situation and the Holy Spirit led me to always ask these when I’m faced with disappointments or challenges and it is “what is God saying about me? What does God expect me to do?” And this means His Word.

Psalm 31:14 says I put my trust in You Lord, you are my God. God is trustworthy and if you trust Him, it doesn’t matter what challenge or negativity is coming your way or is happening around you.

Pictures of my birthday will be posted soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have learnt something new from my experience?

20 thoughts on “My God & I: On Turning 21.

  1. Awwn lol I remember crying on my 19th birthday for no reason too. Lol these things happen. Happy belated birthday bookie. May God bless you and grant all your heart desires.


  2. Happy Birthday in arrears , dear. Lol, what an experience. But we look forward to the awesomeness that will be this new year of your life. It is well.


  3. Just going through your blog and I saw this. Lmao Bukky. πŸ˜‚ You should be very grateful cos it seems you had an awesome birthday. Mine was 3 days ago and I was literally alone throughout and didn’t celebrate it (21st birthday o), away from home(Nysc πŸ˜‘). I couldn’t even cry sef. But I was still grateful to be alive! Gratitude is everything. 😊


    1. Lol my dear! I had a great day in the end, even better in the morning when I wrote this post.
      That’s better now; at least no one to annoy you lol!
      Happy birthday in arrears! β™‘


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