From Illustration To Reality.

Hey dolls!

This is a super late post but this was a dress I wore for thanskgiving service earlier this month.

After much deliberations, my tailor and I settled for this off shoulder dress with extended six pieces.

There’s something so feminine and sexy (sort of) about off shoulder dresses so I was really feeling it in the pictures lol.

I sketched the dress and this was my first sketch this year so I’m still quite rusty, forgive me.

Nonetheless, I didn’t jump into sketching and get it perfect at once, if I show you guys my first sketch ehn lol you’d not stop laughing but thank God for persistence and thriving for perfection. I think I’d dedicate a post to my sketches, provided I find my first set of sketches though.

20151003_200852 20151003_201435DSC_3824DSC_3825DSC_3827DSC_3822DSC_3811-1DSC_3830DSC_3809-1

Outfit Details

Fabric – Ankara, 1600n.

Shoes – Brash ankle sandals, gifted.

Necklace – Sister’s wardrobe.


What do you think about the dress?


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