My God & I: The Holy Spirit.

Hi hi hi! October is coming to and end, like play like play 2015 will soon be over! Thank God! I’m looking forward to the new year because, new year new me haha jokes.

Today I want to talk about reading books, especially Christian books and how it has affected my walk with God positively.

I remember after I rededicated my life to God, I attended believer’s class in COZA and was given a book (more like a believer’s manual) and I read where Pastor Biodun talked about reading this book Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn when he gave his life to Christ and it helped him with his Christian walk so I went out to buy the book.

This wasn’t the first Christian book I read, I had read A Woman After God’s Heart by Elizabeth George when I first became born again so I wasn’t new to reading Christian books. What caught me was I never knew who the Holy Spirit was and amidst all the books laid at the Word Factory I asked the Holy Spirit to help me choose and He told me to go on with Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn and I don’t regret it!

While reading the book, I realized that all my life I saw the Holy Spirit as an ‘it’ not a He, I saw Him as the third divinity of God but that was all. I always thought of the Holy Spirit as fire but never as important as Jesus or God the Father and many of us have/had that same mindset.

The problem is from our orthodox churches where emphasis was laid on just Jesus our Savior and God the Father, other times Mary the mother of Jesus but never on the Holy Spirit and even if they did talk about the Holy Spirit, they will liken Him to fire or wind or some distant part of the Trinity.

The book Good Morning, Holy Spirit practically changed my mindset about the Holy Spirit and till today, I’m still overwhelmed at how one book can change my paradigm and affect my relationship with God the Holy Spirit so positively. It is one of those books you read and still bask in the fullness of the truth you have received. In fact if possible, if anyone just gives their life to Christ, this book should be handed over to them immediately. I started to see the Holy Spirit as a friend,  helper, everything I ever wanted but was looking for in wrong places/in men.

The question is

  • How can you be a Christian without the Holy Spirit?
  • How can you even move, think, walk, talk without the Holy Spirit?
  • How can you do anything without the Holy Spirit?


  • He leads
  • He guides
  • He directs
  • He helps
  • He comforts
  • He is everything you need in this time.

Some people argue about the Holy Spirit saying all sorts but before you accept anything as your paradigm, check what the Word says. Jesus said in Acts 1 that the disciples should tarry in Jerusalem for the Gift which the Father will send once He is gone.

This means the Holy Spirit is a Gift from God.

Romans 8 goes further to tell us more about this Spirit from God that He helps us to pray in a better way, presenting groanings to the Father which cannot be uttered.

1 Corinthians 12 tells us about the dispensation of the gifts from the Spirit, to some teachers of the Word, some pastors, some evangelists and so on. This was also repeated in Romans 12.

1 Corinthians 14 tells us that when we pray in the Spirit we pray to God the Father because only Him understands what we say.

Jude 20 says we should pray in the Spirit which means there’s a form of prayer which only the Holy Spirit gives ability to pray with, which is praying in tongues.

The Holy Spirit is real. He isn’t fire or wind or water or anything. He is a person. He can use those elements to show you a side of Him but He is a person. He feels, He talks, He interacts, He leads, He guides, He loves.

Dr. Mike Murdock‘s book titled The Greatest Day of My Life (download here) sheds more light on the person of the Holy Spirit.

After reading this book by Dr. Mike Murdock, I was set on a different relationship with God the Holy Spirit, He gave me inspiration to sing some songs to Him that I still sing today. The Holy Spirit is wonderful!

All I want you to get today is the Holy Spirit is real, He is a person, He speaks and He loves to be listened to. Amidst everything, He longs for a relationship with you much more than you want with Him.

How can you have that relationship with the Holy Spirit? Simply believe in Him and say this with all sincerity.

“Sweet Holy Spirit, I believe in You, come live in my heart, let my spirit be one with You, lead me, guide me, direct me, help me in my weaknesses, I long for a close relationship with You but I don’t know what to do or where to start, help me, thank you Lord.”

I’m waiting to hear your good news about a better relationship with the Holy Spirit! Yay!


8 thoughts on “My God & I: The Holy Spirit.

  1. I love this. I just read a book ’30 days to know God’ on kindle and it talked about the holy spirit and I must say we’ve been getting closer. He’s like a friend, and now I see this post. I’m sure he’s smiling right now. And thanks for the link to the free book hehe


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