Beauty Bloggers (In Nigeria) You Have To Follow.


Hey dolls! Enjoying this month already? I pray we all get overwhelmed by God’s love.

It’s no news I stalk follow a lot of beauty blogs so I’ve come to make a simple directory for we makeup lovers and beginners.

These bloggers take the stress off you in terms of product swatches, reviews, where to buy etc, great right?

I know I’ve made a mental wishlist of products I need to try/buy all thanks to these babes!

So in no particular order, let’s get started.



All Thinz Beauty

Blog – Glory’s Beauty

IMG_2913 copy

Stella’s Addiction

Blog – Stella’s Addiction


Dazzle Beautie.

Blog – Dazzle Beautie


Vieve Butterfly.

Blog – Vieve Butterfly

VSCO Cam-2

That Igbo Chick

Blog – That Igbo Chick


Taadah Beauty.

Blog – Taadah


Barbara 1923

Blog – Barbara 1923


Blushes n Dimples

Blog – Blushes n Dimples


Beauty Frenzy Lagos

Blog – Beauty Frenzy Lagos

Zaron Lipsticks

She Loves The Finer Things

Blog – She Loves The Finer Things



Website – OmogeMuRa


Coveralls and Lipstick.

Blog – Coveralls and Lipstick


Beauty In Lagos.

Blog – Beauty In Lagos

There you go! Your makeup questions solved!

If you know other beauty bloggers based in Nigeria do leave a link below and this post will be updated!

I have the Island Beauty Ode To Fall Lipstick Collection coming up next, who is excited?


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