Product Review: Island Beauty Ode To Fall Lipstick Collection.

Hi dolls! Doing good?

Today I’m here with the long awaited review, I received these lipsticks sometime in September but I’m just getting around doing the review because I’ve had so much on my plate.

These lipsticks were realeased for fall but as we in Nigeria don’t have summer, winter or fall, everytime here is summer lol I guess you can incorporate these lippies anytime, anyhow.




DSC09490 DSC09498Island Beauty Lipstick in Crystal Gold

Difficult to apply

Can get a bit messy

Difficult to remove

It’s like gold glitters in a lipstick form

DSC09470 DSC09475
Island Beauty Lipstick in Metallic Mauve

Satin Finish

Easy to apply

Long wearing

Purple-ish shade with a hint of shimmer

DSC09480 DSC09483

Island Beauty Lipstick in Sugar n Spice

Satin finish

Deep orange-y shade with a hint of shimmer

P.S – I had no foundation or powder on in the pictures above hence my visible hyperpigmetation.

Overall I love Sugar ‘n’ Spice the most, it’s almost like burnt orange, Crystal Gold isn’t a shade I’d wear out, ever, so if you’re interested in this lippie, holla in the comment section (must be in Lagos biko), it works well as an eyeshadow maybe. Metallic Mauve is good too but the shimmery finish put me off.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter – @IBCosmetics

If you’re in the UK, shop here 

If you’re in Nigeria, call Aretha Investments on +234 704 5669 125, based in Lagos.

To know if your Island Beauty Lipstick is original, check here

What’s your favorite shade?


15 thoughts on “Product Review: Island Beauty Ode To Fall Lipstick Collection.

  1. Hello Bookie,

    I generally love lipstick and enjoy reading reviews. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    My favourite shade is Sugar n Spice, I like the orange hue. I think the Crystal Gold would work well when blended with another lipstick, preferably a darker shade. Don’t give up on it just yet. Lol


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