The Madame Dress.

Happy New Year Darlings! Here’s to starting well and finishing strong in 2016, amen!

Lol I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged, I’ve been busy doing nothing but eating junk and disturbing everyone on Snapchat (Add me: thelifeofbey).

I’m starting this year with an outfit from last year, lol don’t judge.



If you follow me on Instagram (bookiekunlere) you’d have seen this dress already.

I wore this dress when I went on a casual date with Dee of Deemako (hey baby!), with little nude makeup, slippers and my favorite shoulder bag.

I’m still rocking my wool locs because you know that point when you’re tired of your hair but no money yet to make another? Yeah? That’s where I am.

This dress was made by me and yes it’s available for sale, in different fabrics though.

To order this dress, message +2348077050736 or

How’s your ‘new year – new me’ resolution going?


18 thoughts on “The Madame Dress.

  1. Hi Bookie,

    Ah! I love your dress, you did a great job.

    The silhouette is so elegant and fits you so nicely. The silky fabric looks so comfortable, paisley prints are always classy

    I like your entrepreneurial spirit, well done!


  2. Your highlight is always fab, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying that. Meanwhile this dress is so chic!! I love the print


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