Say Hi!

Hey darlings!

So it crossed my mind recently that I have a lot of readers within and outside Nigeria; from some countries I’ve never heard before, wow!

This is me saying:

  • Thanks for dropping by daily, weekly, constantly refreshing this blog for new content!
  • Thanks for subscribing to my blog (check the sidebar to your right to do so or scroll to the bottom of this page if you’re using your phone)
  • Thanks for following me on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Thanks for reading my blog too!

You all mean so much to me, I am literally blushing as I type this!

So there’s no serious post today, I just want you to please introduce yourself in the comment section, I want to meet you!

Hello, I’m Bookie, a blogger from Lagos, Nigeria and I celebrate you all!

There’d be no post until you introduce yourselves. 😂

Now it’s your turn!


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