I’m On YouTube!

Haha I’m so excited, I’m on YouTube guys! I’m super stoked and shy at the same time haha!

I finally summoned up the courage and strength and everything needed to post a video on YouTube.

Thank you so much Bola (holla at her for custom made wigs Vanessa_algood1) for pushing me,  and Vanessa (fineigbogirl) for believing in me, God bless you so much darlings !

So on my YouTube channel I will be posting easy and quick makeup tutorials using very affordable brands and maybe hair tutorials if I get around to doing hair videos.

You know the drill na, biko like, comment, share and subscribe, I promise for better quality (once I understand how to edit and all that.

You can watch the video below

To subscribe to my YouTube channel please click here

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Have a wonderful weekend, yay!


17 thoughts on “I’m On YouTube!

      1. You spoke with an assuredness that concealed most of the shyness. That’s the advantage when handling a topic that you are passionate about. 🙂


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