Product Review: Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer in Bronzing Shimmer.

Hey darlings, how are you warming up for Valentine’s? If you’re going to be at home like me raise your glass haha!

Today I’d be reviewing one of the highlighters I own and you know, it’s very affordable.

A lot of people compliment me about how my highlight is popping and all that, I’d do an in-depth video on my YouTube on how I use a highlighter.

IMG_0431IMG_0442 IMG_0432 IMG_0436IMG_1052

Product: Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer in Bronzing Shimmer.

Price: 1000naira.


The first two shades starting from Top Left, Top Right are highly pigmented, I always mix them for the perfect glow.

The Down Left shade has a good color pay off too but not as pigmented as the first two.

The Down Right shade has the least pigmentation with little to no shimmer.

How I Use:

I use this as a highlighter, sometimes I go with the first shade, most times I mix the first and second shades together, other times I use a mix of the four shades.

I apply on my cheekbones (I literally pack this on), nose, cupid’s bow, jaw and temples.

Where To Buy: I found this at my local supermarket, I don’t know where you can get this online, I’ve searched.

Will I Buy Again/Recommend?

Yes, this product is nicely pigmented, the glow it gives my face is so beautiful and for 1000naira, it’s a major steal.

I’d be doing more reviews of very affordable products; hair and beauty, do recommend products for me to try.

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6 thoughts on “Product Review: Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer in Bronzing Shimmer.

  1. Will definitely keep my eyes open for this product, the color pay of looks amazing and its a cheapy too. I wish i could join you in creating the look. Maybe some other time. I have really enjoyed your previous posts as well.


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