Product Review: Classic Perfect Matifying Face Primer.

Hey darlings, doing good today?

So for so long I applied makeup on bare skin, no primer, nothing and I decided to stop that and start using primers.

The first I got hold of was this Classic Perfect Matifying Face Primer, yes it looks exactly like the BlackUp Matifying Face Primer, packaging wise, just a cheaper version, let’s get into the review.

IMG_0578 IMG_0577

After: 5 hours later, all thanks to Lagos hustling and bustling.

Product: Classic Perfect Matifying Face Primer.

Product Promise: Longest-wearing antioxidant with spf 15.

Product Information: This makeup primer with incredibly velvety touch matifies shiny zones and helps both oil control and pores reduction. Apply on bare skin for a perfect makeup finish and hold.

  • Long lasting matte look for even the oilest skins.
  • Leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.
  • Provides superior makeup hold that lasts all day.
  • One pump enough for the entire face.
  • Fragrance-free and Paraben-free primer.
  • Antioxidant ingredients keep your skin younger.

Lol this is the exact description of the BlackUp Matifying Primer.

Directions: To apply on bare skin for a perfect makeup finish and hold. The skin gets a perfect matte finish and it helps to both reduce the appearance of pores and control excess of sebum.

Consistency: Gel-like that dries to a velvety-matte finish.

Size: 30ml.

Price: 2000n.

Where To Buy: Local supermarket, Classic Makeup, Konga.

It comes in both a tube and frosted glass.

How I Use:

I apply a pump on my T zone (since I have combination skin) and around my cheeks because they tend to be oily.


  • I love the velvety finish, it makes my makeup apply smoothly.
  • I like the packaging too, the frosted glass gets a thumbs up.
  • It holds up pretty well, I sweat a lot (as seen above) but oil production around my T Zone was minimal.


  • None really.

Will I Buy Again/Recommend?

If you’re looking for an affordable primer in a nice bottle that will make your makeup apply smoothly and control oil (on combination skin) then give this primer a try.

Classic Makeup is known for reproducing dupes of High End Makeup Brands, if you’re looking for a dupe, they probably have it lol.

To know if your Classic Makeup is original, there’s a part to scratch and text the pin to a certain number for confirmation on the packaging, please look out for that, I know there’s fake Classic Makeup flying around.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I bought this product with my own money.


22 thoughts on “Product Review: Classic Perfect Matifying Face Primer.

      1. hello dear… can sum1 with oily sensitive skin also make use of classic face primer? m so scared cus I av recently wasted my money on primers and it rilli hurts cus it still doesn’t last up to 3hrs


        1. You can’t use Classic primer if you have oily skin. Please try Ponds vanishing cream (the very oily type) for oily skin. It’s 5000n and you can get it on Konga.


        2. Fortunately, I use this same primer on my very oily skin and it works wonders. It is good on oily skin sister. Let them try it on.



  1. Hi Bookie,

    I’ve been seeing a lot of this Classic Make up brand, they seem to have a wide range of products. You are right, I have seen the fake version of their lipstick, these counterfeiters have no chill at all. 😀

    Lol @ “all thanks to Lagos hustling and bustling” Your make-up looks very professional, well done!

    I don’t use coverage products because of the fear of clogging my pores. This is the third post that I’ve read this week on face primers.

    Tosin wrote a great article about why using Milk of Magnesia as a primer is a bad idea-

    And Tonye wrote about how using aftershave as a primer might be a great beauty hack-

    Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Haha they have no chill, it’s so sad.
      Thanks a lot Nedu.
      Yes I read the Milk of Magnesia review, if it’s used on occasions; once in the bluest on moons lol, I see no problem.
      I have used the Nivea After Shave Balm, I guess I might as well do a review on it next.
      Thanks for stopping by Nedu! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I would definitely look out for this whenever im around. Like who doesnt like affordable makeup 🙅. Lol #NiceReview


  3. Nice writeup Bookie. Strange that Am just now commenting as this is like the third time I’ve read it 😁. I love the look you have on in the picture attached to this writeup. Please how did you achieve this? Look forward to your favourable reply. Blessed be…


      1. hey dearie… d face primer u used,it is just for combination skin? Cus I av oily-sensitive skin.. u think it would work for me? av spent a lot on so many face primer yet no good result….


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