Nappyversary: Fro At Two.Β 

Drumroll! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

My fro is two today, yay!

It’s yet another year of me not relaxing my hair amidst the serious temptations around haha!

Unlike my one year Nappyversary when I went to a salon, this time around I didn’t even stretch my hair or straighten it, I just let it be. 

I should do a blowout with heat once I take down the protective style I’m currently rocking (next post). 


Looking at the goals I outlined in my last Nappyversary I want to see if I’ve accomplished them.
Goals for second year nappyersary were:

  • Gain 6-8 more inches so by my next Nappyversary, I should be at 12-14 inches and finally use curl formers. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t gain 6-8 more inches because I trimmed my hair thrice last year. 

  • Trim my hair more often (only when needed).

Yes I got scissors happy last year haha. 

  • Engage in blowing out my hair every two months at least to reduce those SSKs. 

Well does heatless blowout count? 

  • More hair! 

Be careful for what you wish for oh, yes my hair keeps getting fuller by the day. 

  • Shinier hair, softer hair and etc.

Shinier? No. Softer? Definitely. 

  • I’m up for new stuff so if I find out custard is good for detangling, hell I will try it out.

Haha I haven’t tried anything new, just new hair products. 

Goals for third year Nappyversary are:

  • More hair.
  • Grow my edges. 
  • Less breakage and manipulation. 
  • More protective styles/styling. 
  • Straighten my hair at least once. 
  • Get a good trim once every four months. 

Have a wonderful week and if you recently turned natural, hang in there darling, you’d grow to love and understand your hair. ❀️

19 thoughts on “Nappyversary: Fro At Two.Β 

  1. Happy nappiversary girl! I love your FRO, i hope mine turns that way when she’s two(july, cant wait). I pray you achieve all your goals this year. Lots of love


  2. Happy anniversary bookie!!!! You look so beautiful even with your unusual naked face! I wish you goodluck in your quest for longer and shinier hair. we are in this together. I really want to work on increasing shine as well.


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