Nappyversary: Fro At Two. 

Drumroll! 🎉🎊

My fro is two today, yay!

It’s yet another year of me not relaxing my hair amidst the serious temptations around haha!

Unlike my one year Nappyversary when I went to a salon, this time around I didn’t even stretch my hair or straighten it, I just let it be. 

I should do a blowout with heat once I take down the protective style I’m currently rocking (next post). 


Looking at the goals I outlined in my last Nappyversary I want to see if I’ve accomplished them.
Goals for second year nappyersary were:

  • Gain 6-8 more inches so by my next Nappyversary, I should be at 12-14 inches and finally use curl formers. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t gain 6-8 more inches because I trimmed my hair thrice last year. 

  • Trim my hair more often (only when needed).

Yes I got scissors happy last year haha. 

  • Engage in blowing out my hair every two months at least to reduce those SSKs. 

Well does heatless blowout count? 

  • More hair! 

Be careful for what you wish for oh, yes my hair keeps getting fuller by the day. 

  • Shinier hair, softer hair and etc.

Shinier? No. Softer? Definitely. 

  • I’m up for new stuff so if I find out custard is good for detangling, hell I will try it out.

Haha I haven’t tried anything new, just new hair products. 

Goals for third year Nappyversary are:

  • More hair.
  • Grow my edges. 
  • Less breakage and manipulation. 
  • More protective styles/styling. 
  • Straighten my hair at least once. 
  • Get a good trim once every four months. 

Have a wonderful week and if you recently turned natural, hang in there darling, you’d grow to love and understand your hair. ❤️

19 thoughts on “Nappyversary: Fro At Two. 

  1. Happy anniversary bookie!!!! You look so beautiful even with your unusual naked face! I wish you goodluck in your quest for longer and shinier hair. we are in this together. I really want to work on increasing shine as well.


  2. Happy nappiversary girl! I love your FRO, i hope mine turns that way when she’s two(july, cant wait). I pray you achieve all your goals this year. Lots of love


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