Wool Twists. 

Hey hey! 

How are you today? Awesome?

I made my hair myself! Yes! Haha I practically disturbed my friends because I wanted everyone to know I made my hair myself. 

Why spend money when you can make your hair youself? 😁


You’ll Need:

  • A pack of Babby Wool or any knitting wool. 
  • Brush or comb. 
  • Leave in conditioner or any moisturizer. 
  • Scissors. 

How To:

  • I separated my hair into four sections first. 
  • On each section, starting from the back, I twisted my hair (micro twists). 
  • Taking 20 strands of wool, I started twisting on each micro twist. 
  • Made a knot at the tip and cut off the excess. 

This style is so easy and simple. If you want to try making your hair yourself better brace up, my back hurt the whole day lol. 

Do you like my new protective style?


28 thoughts on “Wool Twists. 

  1. Hi Bookie,

    You what??!! Wow! Well done! You did a great job. #DIY Slayer. 😀

    I like that extra step of pre-twisting the hair before attaching the wool.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Oh my God! So cute, how many packs of wool did you use? I like the size of the hair. I’ll definitely try this when the heat is over.


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