Product Review: Ushas Bronzer. 

Hey hey!

This Lagos heat is on another level please, I want to relocate lol.

I’m here with the highly anticipated review of this very affordable bronzer I purchased over the weekend and posted on my Instagram.


Product: Ushas Bronzer in ES2262A.

Product Information: Bronzer for face and body.

Price: 800 naira.

Pigmentation: So great for the price and brand too.

Where To Buy: Konga or local supermarket.

How I Use:

I apply this with a blush brush on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, temples and jaw.

Application is very smooth and doesn’t fall off.

Will I Buy Again/Recommend?

I know you might be skeptical about the brand but they did good with this bronzer, if you’re looking for a bronzer that wouldn’t break the bank, I’d highly recommend this.

I did a side by side swatch with the Black Radiance Mosiac Bronzer, the Ushas is quite darker and more bronze-y, perfect for that sun kissed glow on women of colour/dark skin.

What’s your favourite highlighter?



9 thoughts on “Product Review: Ushas Bronzer. 

  1. I bought this two weeks ago for 800 naira too and I just saw your review. I love it although I’m just learning how to use bronzer well so I thought, why not go to the Queen of Glow herself? Hehehe


  2. Purchased this for N500 at a shop, this is my first bronzer so I really can’t compare and contrast but I do like the finish it gives.


    1. It’s great but you should try the Ushas Professional Palette, you’d love it. I’ve reviewed it too, my latest post.
      Thanks for stopping by Hun.


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