Product Review: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Foundation and Studio Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder. 

What a mouthful!

How are you today? Happy new month!

I decided to do a dual review of the BH Cosmetics foundation and powder because; busy and lazy lol.


Product: BH Cosmetics HD Studio Pro Foundation in 130.

Product Description: Get camera ready with this skin perfecting and water resistant HD Foundation. Oil-free with light diffusing pigments evens out skin for a smooth, soft-focus effect. The foundation utilizes Prodew® 500, a key ingredient that helps to moisturize and strengthen the skin for a naturally flawless and radiant complexion.

Price: 3200n.

Packaging: Comes with a pump

Consistency: Liquid to matte, dries completely matte after application so blending properly and swiftly is key.

What I Think: 

  • The shade range is terrible, 130 (the shade I bought) is too dark for me, 126 (the shade before 130) is too light for me. There are no in-between shades (like a 128) for a drugstore foundation. I’m quite disappointed.
  • I love that it dries completely matte, no need to set with a powder.
  • This foundation when used alone is flat, highlighting and contouring is quite essential.
  • I didn’t notice any blurring/soft focus effect.
  • The pump doesn’t work after a while.

Will I Buy Again/Recommend?

I love the formula of the BH foundation but I hate the shade range so I won’t be buying again.


Product: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Powder in 255.

Product description: Silky and gorgeous, this matte pressed powder applies smoothly with light coverage while absorbing excess oils.

Price: 2500n.

What I Think:

  • This powder is not as matte as my L.A. Girl Powder but it’s okay.
  • For very oily skin, you’d need to retouch every hour.
  • The shade suits my skin tone quite well.

Will I Buy Again/Recommend?

For oily to very oily skins, no, unless you use a super mattifying primer and don’t mind retouching/blotting every now and then.

For combination skin, yes but you’d still need to retouch/blot.

I don’t know where you can get these online, checked but didn’t find, sorry.

This is not a sponsored post. 


13 thoughts on “Product Review: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Foundation and Studio Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder. 

  1. I think they are not your ideal color. They are slightly darker than your face. Looks a bit too matte for me as well. Thanks for the review! I always enjoy reading them. Muah!


  2. I love reading your reviews, honestly, if I hadn’t read this, I’d have bought the foundation cos I really need a good but affordable one, I use Mary Kay and it’s almost finished so I want something else. When I saw the pictures, I wanted to ask when you got as dark as me LOL.


  3. Hey been on your blog all dayyy awesome review.The very first time I came across Bh pressed powder was on YouTube and it was said to be an awesome dupe of the Mac studio fix. Trust me I searched for it everywhere but reading this review of yours, changed my mind totally. I’m happy I found you before purchasing this.


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