I Went Blonde!

Hey hey! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (thelifeofbey) you’d have known this already. 

Last month I dyed my hair using the Creme of Nature Argan Oil dye in Honey Blonde, on the pack you can foretell your results depending on the darkness of your hair so I sort of knew my hair wouldn’t turn out as blonde as I wanted. 

One pack was enough to cover my whole hair, I couldn’t take pictures of the process because it would’ve been too risky for me but take note, THIS DYE SMELLS TOXIC, I wasn’t prepared for the smell, it was so toxic so please use this in a WELL VENTILATED ROOM, please. 

I shampooed my hair with the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo and conditioned my hair with the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. 


My hair is just like a dirty brown, not even close to what I wanted but it’s a nice colour all the same. 

I rocked twists after dyeing my hair because I didn’t know what to do with my hair. 

What I’ve Noticed Thus Far

  • My hair was breaking before dyeing so this has sort of increase (due to my negligence). 
  • I just noticed the volume/density of my hair better with this colour.
  • My hair has always been medium-high porosity so that hasn’t changed. 

I do plan on retouching my dye application sometime next month just to see if I’d get anywhere near blonde without having to bleach my hair. 

So yeah, that’s my dye experience, what’s yours?

25 thoughts on “I Went Blonde!

  1. Hi Bookie,

    The title of this post caught my attention majorly. 😀

    Colour has a way of spicing things up. I really love the outcome of your dye job, it looks more like light auburn than dirty brown to me. I agree with you, I’m sure another round will lighten your hair further. Try to increase the intensity of your hair love regimen too.

    Well-prepared henna leaves deep auburn highlights in some parts of my hair, that’s how I dye my hair.


  2. I haven’t dyed my hair yet, i’m plan to when my hair hits 8″ or so. Your hair looks nice, a high and fluffy puff would look marvellous on you.


  3. I used this same dye in this same color and it came out a lot brighter almost too bright at the time. So I find your out come strange…. But I like the color it turned out as.


  4. This colour is quite nice on you, you may go a bit too blonde if you dye it again hehe.

    I used the Dark and Lovely dye for when I went blonde. I actually kept it on for another 30 mins because I was so unimpressed with the gingerness of my hair. Some parts also turned a bit purple which was weird. I wrote about it in a post called Going Blonde.



    1. I’d read on it thanks for the link.
      Purple? Lol I can imagine your shock.
      I don’t mind going a bit too blonde though, that’s why wigs always save the day. 😂


  5. I like the colour and hw it looks on your natural hair.Looks like my hair colour-that dirty brown and i don’t like it on my self that is so i’m thinking of what colour to dye it too.


  6. I’ve always loved to dye my hair and for about 2 years I was on a dark red colour and for a couple of years before that I was on blond too. Recently, I tried to go the blonde route again but I guess the dye was pure FAKE because immediately I washed it off, I saw the true colour of my hair, far from what I expected. Yours is even better than mine was. There’s this blonde dye an Aunt of mine uses and it never fails, can’t remember it name now…


    1. Hopefully when you remember the name I’d be ready for my next dye retouch. Sorry about your sour experience. I hear creme of nature is fairly good, you should try it next time!


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