Product Review – Classic Makeup USA Mattifying Liquid Consealing Foundation.

Lol I have to start by laughing because I’ve been away for a minute right? Lol okay honestly I’ve been away for FOREVER! I missed you all and thank you for still checking my blog, refreshing for new content, I owe you all big big.

I’d talk about what I’ve been up to, you know; a chit chat post, but for now let’s focus on this review.

I got this foundation because well I’m on the verge of becoming a Classic Makeup USA brand ambassador (inside joke lol) because I use almost all their products, if there’s something new from Classic, I want to try it.

Product – Classic Mattifying Liquid Consealing Foundation in shade 4.

Product information – Classic Makeup Mattifying Liquid Foundation is a fluid texture that stretches easily, a natural coverage that adapts to skin with blemishes and a very natural finish.

Product Promise – Moreover, this new formula ensures an immediate matte effect. Enriched with sebum-regulating and astringent active ingredients it rebalances combination to oily skins, smooths and provides more comfort to the skin. Long lasting, the makeup remains bright and homogenous all day long.

Price – 2000n.

Coverage – Medium but buildable.

Where To Buy – Jumia/Konga or any supermarket/beauty store.

How I Use

Since the pump doesn’t work, I open the bottle and dot the foundation all over my face and blend. I go over again on areas I need more coverage and blend into my skin.

What I Think

  • This foundation is worth every penny. Classic has really stepped up their game, my makeup stash is predominately filled with their products.
  • this foundation does not settle into my smile lines and that’s a major plus for me.

  • it sets easily and blends easily too.

  • I wore this for foundation for 9 hours and it didn’t crease one bit. I did get a bit oily at my T zone but that’s okay since the foundation did not shift after sweating and etc.

Will I Recommend?

Yes, yes and yes. I endorse this foundation! Like I always say, it’s not in the spelling, it’s in the content and delivery.

P.S when working with Classic Makeup USA’s foundations, you need to take time out in blending the foundation into your skin. 

P.P.S this foundation is DIFFERENT from the Mattifying Liquid Foundation IN A TUBE. I’d do a review of that soon. 

Have you tried this foundation? Do you love it?


49 thoughts on “Product Review – Classic Makeup USA Mattifying Liquid Consealing Foundation.

  1. Finally! Someone who has tried classic makeup products. I’ve tried their matte foundation in the tube but it’s warmer than my shade and doesn’t match. However I’m currently using their concealing foundation (it comes in compact form) and it’s great! The only problem is that it gets oily after a little while.


    1. lol I overdosed on their products you’ll be seeing more reviews from me. I’ve used the one in the tube and I prefer this one a hundred times more. The compact form is still named concealing matte foundation? Or creme to powder foundation? (I have this and the wear is great too).
      Thanks for stopping by Mimi!

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      1. Concealer foundation is what is written on it. It’s creamy. The shade is cm03. I’d love to see more of your products reviews😄


    1. Hi Tomi, The darkest shade is 5 and it’s just slightly darker than 4 but not dark as in Lupita dark.
      I got mine from a supermarket, you can check the mall at Ikeja too.


  2. Please I bought a classic matte foundation (bottle) it has this “Emmy classic cosmetics ” engraved on the bottom of the bottle and unlike the previous classic example matte foundation I used(without the engraving) lasted and was so lovely. pls it the fake? or did classic give an ibo man to rebrand? cos all the Classic USA bottles I Google didn’t have their bottle engraved with “Emmy classic cosmetics” urgent 08133141333 HELP


  3. I bought this foundation awhile back, tried it, loved it but men! it has no oil control whatsoever. I was shining a few hours later. It gives a good finish and is great if you are a dry girl or have good combination skin. Oily girls flee!

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  4. This foundation gives a very nice and flawless finish but if you are a very Oily girl, run like hell cos this foundation has absolutely no oil control.


    1. Having a mattifying primer and powder will do, although this doesn’t get oily on me, keeps me slightly matte all day as I have combination skin.
      Thanks for stopping by Hun.

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  5. Ok so i got this foundation and it looks super good on me and affordable too. However i have a little problem as soon as i sweat even if its just a little bit the whole thing just washes away. Like you could literally see the foundation flowing down. Pleeeease what do yousuggest i do? Thanks In Advance Mwaaah!!!


    1. I have this problem too darling but I think if we use a great setting powder it should be okay.
      You can also use their cream to powder foundation, that one has a better staying power.


  6. Very good.i fell in love with it when I visited Nigeria. Hv their lipsticks which I wore for my wedding. Conceals perfectly but its kinda heavy. Gave me itches and some acne break out


    1. Awww I haven’t experienced any itching with this foundation yet but yes it has a very medium-full coverage.
      Thanks for stopping by Gracey!


      1. Pls bookie I have an oily face not only at my tzone, can I use this foundation and my face not looking horrible after few hours


        1. The most important thing is your skin care routine Hun, also you’d need a mattifying primer and setting powder.
          I believe you should be able to work with this foundation thereafter.


  7. Recently I bought the foundation and powder and it gives me a nice finishing but my face got oilier… I thought it was written that it was oily-free… I just don’t like the way it looks on my face when I’m sweating. I use other makeup products but it doesn’t give me problems like the way classic did…. thanks


  8. Hi
    My name is Ugochi..and I love using the classic make up U.SA , Matifying liquid concealing foundation..CF01…I now live in the United States of America…New Jersey precisely…where do I buy it …which mall has it..cos I need it urgently.
    Ugochi Okpe
    New Jersey


    1. Hi Ugochi, I’m afraid I don’t know any mall that stocks Classic’s products abroad, however you can go on their website and send them an email.


  9. Hi, I just got the Hd foundation studio finish in a bottle with a black cover and pump, it’s got a good coverage but too oily for my skin, just loooks greasy all day and a dear to touch my face. I’m very oily and prone to acne, what can I do? The shade is HD00


  10. Hi, I really love the classic makeup but I can’t find it here in US. I have used it before when someone gave it to me as a gift. How can I buy it here please?


  11. I Realy love clasic liquid foundation and its so gud for my skin…it gives me a very nice look and i will keep on using it…..


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