It’s A Wig, Again. 

Hi hi, doing good?

Do you ever see a style on a celebrity and want to achieve that exact look (or something similar) but your account balance says otherwise? 😩

I got tired of braiding my hair and decided to wig it because that’s what’s in these days.

I saw this particular look on two people I follow on Snapchat; Toke Makinwa and MakeupShayla and I fell in love immediately.

Of course the price of their weaves isn’t budget friendly so I looked for the budget friendly version and bam, I got the look!

So to my cheapie version, details below:

Product – LadyStar HH STW in 16″

Color – 1.

Packs Used – 3.

Price – 4000n for 16″.

Price For Making The Wig – 5500n.

Total –

  •  12000n for 3 packs,
  • 5500n for the making of the wig;
  • 17500n in TOTAL.

Where To Buy – Ikeja underbridge. Because there are two versions of Ladystar in the market, please insist on only the one photographed in this post, I can’t vouch for any other.

About The Weave

  • I trimmed the tips of the weave so it will look blunt like MakeupShayla’s.
  • I had it made into a wig with invisible part closure.
  • This weave is uber soft, light and mimics real human hair.
  • It can be curled, straightened, etc (as seen above). I’m going to try dyeing it soon.

It also comes in longer and shorter lengths, feel free to use it and let me know how well you like it.

Hi5 to my girls on a budget but still slay all day! 🙋🏾

This is not a sponsored post. 

21 thoughts on “It’s A Wig, Again. 

  1. The hair is very pretty but I’ll say you still spent o! My wig is quite similar and it can be straightened or curled with heat and I got it for half the total price of everything you spent


    1. Thanks hun but I spent oh, honestly. It’s like 17000n in total. I think because I bought three packs.
      But when compared with the normal amount (60000n on average) of the weave on Toke, I think I tried. 😂
      Which wig is yours?


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