Product Review: Ushas Professional Palette (Highlighter and Blush).


Oh you know I’m stoked when it comes to reviewing highlighters right? No? Okay. 😦

I love highlighters so much I keep stacking, let’s get into this cheapie review, I’m sure someone has been waiting for this!

img_7564 img_7565 img_7573 img_7592 img_7599

Light and Bronzer are both highly shimmery, the blush is slightly shimmery.

Product – Ushas Professional Palette in number 3.

Price – 850n.


  • The Light highlighter and Bronzer are nicely pigmented and so smooth.
  • The blush isn’t so highly pigmented but it’s good.

How I Use

  • I love the versatility of this palette because the Bronzer can be layered on the Light highlighter to create a new shade.
  • I apply these on the highest points of my cheekbones and bam, glow from Mars hunnay.

This palette is more pigmented and smoother than the Ushas bronzer in number 3 that I reviewed here, I also put a picture up to show the size difference, this palette is huge and I love it!

What I Think

  • I love the size, it’s a steal for the price as well.
  • The highlighters blend so smoothly into the skin, it’s unreal.
  • I wear this and all my other highlighters bow, lol.

Will you get your hands on this palette after this review or do you have it already? What do you think?

I’m making up a comprehensive list of highlighters below 2000n, be expectant!


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