Product Review: Kiss Beauty Lip Liners.


I’ve missed blogging ehn!

I’ve been getting the “where have you been? Won’t you blog this year?” messages but you know good things take time right? Lol, I apologize, I’ve been swarmed with trying to relax (because 2016 was quite rough for me) and I’m taking a step after the another this year.

Starting the year with a bang, I’m here with a cheapie as usual review, let’s get into it.

I picked a few of the shades I felt I needed.



Product – Kiss Beauty Lip Liners.

Price – 300 naira each.


003 – the color pay off isn’t impressive at all.

005 – this applies smooth with a slightly matte finish.

009 – this applies smooth with a creamy/satin finish.

012 – this applies smooth with a creamy/satin finish.

006 – this applies smooth with a slightly matte finish.

007 – this applies smooth with a slightly matte finish.

Where To Buy – any beauty store/supermarket, Yaba bus stop, Eko market.

What I Think

  • They’re cheap (you know) and readily available.
  • I’m used to hits and misses with shade ranges so this isn’t new.
  • I’m quite impressed at how these lip liners apply and the packaging is good too.

I have the Kiss Beauty Gel Eye Liner which I will review side by side the Classic Two In One Kajal and Liquid Eye Liner in another post.

What have you been up to darlings? Happy New Month too!

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10 thoughts on “Product Review: Kiss Beauty Lip Liners.

  1. The gel eyeliner is the bomb dot com…. Been procrastinating a review since….

    Since after the maybelline colossal kajal increased in price, I started looking for alternative with immediate effect. Since I’m all about beauty on a budget. God bless my customer . But the lip pencils I think I have just one.. Still sealed in my box. Haven’t touched it yet. Would check the number and open mine now.. Hehehehehe😀😀
    Thanks so much for the review


  2. I love lip liners, nearly all my lip colours have a complimentary liner.

    I’m so here for money saving products, I’ll check for this the next time I go to Lagos Island market.

    Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


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