Nappyversary: Fro At Three.

Heeyyyyyyyy! How are you today? Happy New Month (hope it isn’t too late?)! Here’s to success and celebrations this month, amen!

Today marks three years since I opened this blog to document my natural hair journey! Yay! Read about it here.

My ‘fro turned three last month and unlike my normal chirpy self about my nappyversary, I didn’t have cause to celebrate  because I didn’t even achieve one of my goals set out for this third year, it’s heartbreaking but who is to blame? Me of course!

I’ve really come a loooong way from my BC.

When my ‘fro turned two here, I set out goals for the third year which were:

  • More hair.

Well when I said “more hair” I don’t really know what was on my mind at the time but if it’s fuller hair, well I guess so.

  • Grow my edges.

Lol there’s a visual representation of how my edges didn’t grown an inch, lol abeg.

  • Less breakage and manipulation.

If there’s one thing my hair did consistently, it is breakage. It kept breaking and breaking, well I guess it was my fault because I dyed my hair here and ever since my hair went kind of south, but I was slacking in terms of moisturizing my hair and being gentle.

  • More protective styles/styling.

I can literally count the number of times I put my hair in a protective style, I deserve to be flogged.

  • Straighten my hair at least once.

I’ve been meaning to re-straighten my hair after my experience here but that’s something that’s still in my bucket list, maybe I’d try it before my hair turns four haha!

  • Get a good trim once every four months.

My hair is prone to unnecessary SSKs and uneven ends, I think I trimmed my hair just once, throughout it’s second year and I was battling with dry ends non stop when I could just pick up a scissors and give it a good trim, please flog me.

I literally did not do one thing in this list but I’m hopeful this third year will be an eye opener into the forth.

I did trim my hair a day before its (her) nappyversary and I got so annoyed at the SSKs I think I trimmed off almost two inches of hair, my hair measures at 8″ when stretched now.

After trimming it was like I performed a miracle or somewhat on my hair, it just bounced back, my shrinkage came back to almost 75%, coupled with increasing my moisture level which I will share in the next post, I’m happy with where my hair is right now.

Remember, it’s about HEALTHY hair not LONG hair, I’ve learnt the hard way and if it means trimming my hair every four months for it to remain this healthy, I will continue.

As per usual, my goals for my forth nappyversary are:

  • Increase moisture level.
  • Grow some length.

Haha yes oh, I’m keeping it as simple as possible to avoid being mad at myself again.

Happy Nappyversary to my baby and if yours was in February or is in March, Happy Nappyversary to your mane, here’s to healthy hair!



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