Product Review: Classic Makeup USA Matifying Liquid Foundation in 600.

Hey hey! How are you this Monday morning?

Let’s start our day with a review of this foundation you see literally everywhere shall we?

L-R Matifying Foundation, Creme To Powder Foundation and Consealing Mattifying Foundation.

Product – Classic Makeup USA Matifying Liquid Foundation in shade 600.

Product Promise – 100% natural finish, water proof, oil control.

Price – 1500naira.

Coverage – Medium but if you want to build, you will look cakey.

Where To Buy – Online shops and supermarkets.

How I Use – I press the foundation out of the tube which is quite difficult to get out, then dot my face with the foundation, blend and retouch slightly to avoid looking cakey.

What I Think

This foundation deserves to be in the trash.

This shade is slightly lighter than my skin but the shade after (607) is too dark for me.

It’s the worst foundation I’ve bought from the brand yet, it is so difficult to blend I don’t understand why.

If you try to build up the coverage you will look cakey, there’s no dodging that.

I hate it, it just sits in my stash, untouched.

Will I Recommend?

Unless you want to waste your money, I will not recommend this foundation.


Sorry I don’t have a picture of how it looks on my skin, my phone wiped.

Have you used this foundation? What’s your favorite foundation from this brand? I’m currently loving the Creme To Powder Foundation because it’s my go-to.



18 thoughts on “Product Review: Classic Makeup USA Matifying Liquid Foundation in 600.

  1. Honestly the foundation is trash. My face gets too oily just minutes after using it. And yes it get caky if you try to build up. My friend uses the concealing matti fuming foundation in glass bottle and it works for her. But the tube is a no no.

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    1. Lol I know right.
      I use the Consealing Mattifying Foundation too (review on the blog) and it’s very okay.
      This foundation needs improvement.
      Thanks for stopping by Bella!


  2. I use the concealing mortifying foundation got it recently and I have extra extra dry skin so it’s really matte and makes my face super dry . I wish there’s something I could do about that.


    1. Really? I use it as well (review on the blog) but it isn’t matte on me.
      However since you have dry skin ensure you moisturize your face before applying anything.
      Also use a dewy setting spray or hydrating primer.
      Hope this helps? 😊


  3. I have this one also, I think it is just there. Their best foundation is still the consealing Matifying foundation. Classic dey try sha. Want to try their new HD setting powder.


    1. It’s not just there, it’s terrible.
      Yes I want to try their new HD setting powder but I don try for Classic abeg, make another person do review before I buy.


  4. I’ve tried it and yes it’s definitely trash. I don’t even get how people use it. Very hard to blend just really terrible. Major reason I can’t try out the other ones


    1. I don’t get how people use it and talk about trying to make it work, nah.
      They’ve released a True Color Mattifying Foundation, will you buy and do a review for us lol.
      Thanks for stopping by hun!


  5. Smh!!!! Really… the owner of classic just wasted his money on this line of product… I hate classic.. But was running out of my marykay bronze 3, didnt want to waste it no more on shoots. Plus people be praising it.So I went ahead and bought the 507 shade.. used it on a bridesmaid and it was horrible.. had to blend.. I had to remedy it with Revlon nearly naked.
    the true colour isn’t bad oo, I still can’t believ I bought it. Would do a review soon….


    1. Thank God! I’m so happy you bought the True Color ehn lol, I’d be on your neck for a review, I’m thinking of buying it or just closing my chapter of Classic foundations and branching out.
      I hate this mattifying liquid foundation, everyone has the same bad review, it should be discontinued or revised.


  6. Screaming! I had a bad experience with this EXACT product! You can check out my story here:

    I’m not trying to advertise myself o, I just found it funny that it seems a lot of people are having serious wahala with this product! I was attracted to it because of the price sef, but was disappointed 3 times. The first time, it turned basically into water, the second time it was fake, the third time it was literally just water. I can’t shout. I’ve ported to the glass bottle one until I become rich enough to slay in other brands once again! Chai this Classic Liquid Tube foundation, God forbid! Lol someone said it’s like dried up toothpaste! I can’t deal.

    Loved the write up


    1. LOL!
      I’m so sorry for your terrible experience with this foundation dear.
      You can also opt for the cream to powder foundation from Classic, it’s easy to blend, comes in a compact form and is just 1500naira.

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