Episode 2: Finding Common Ground | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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You know when you’re suddenly attracted to someone you just met but you have to act composed so you don’t give it off easily?

As a babe that’s the number one rule of Laws of Attraction oh.

That was me throughout at Sade’s office when Mr. Cocky walked in, I don’t know what exactly led to this sudden attraction oh, is it the way he smiles when he talks or is it his oud perfume that can choke someone to death or is it the fact that he may just be married?

I snapped out of my thoughts abruptly by the phone call Mr. Cocky received, from his body language (looking from my side eye of course) I could tell he had to leave soon and I wasn’t wrong.

As soon as he dropped the phone call, he stood up and exchanged goodbyes with Sade, saying he had to quickly get to the office to tidy up some business.

I guess that was his wife on the other end of the phone telling him she needs him, that’s even if a wife exists sef.

He turns to me, looks me deep in the eyes and in that baritone voice of his, he says “Sade’s friend, I’m leaving, what’s your name?

Can he get any cockier than this?

It took all the composure I had in me to say “I’m Ona” without rolling my eyes at him. He says “Hey Ona, I’m Dre”. I raised an eyebrow depicting which one is Dre again?, I guess he figured it out because he chuckled and explained that it’s a nickname given to him by his friends and over time it kind of stuck. I said “Alright then, see you around Dre” and with that beautiful smile on his face he says “See YOU around Ona, have a good evening okay?” and he left with Sade escorting him.

I just sat there thinking to myself how can someone be this fine iwo Olorun and how can he smile everytime he talks? How?

Still lost in my thoughts, my phone buzzes, it’s Mum.

Me – Hellllooo, Maaa?

Mum – Ehnhen Madam, ibolowa? You don’t want to come back home abi? Who will cook dinner? Abi the food will cook itself and fly to where you are? Better come home now and make dinner I’m hungry oh.

I couldn’t even say “yes ma” before she hung up.

Mschew o ga oh, person no fit even go out again in peace, I’ve turned to housegirl because no job, God be a job provider I said under my breath as Sade walks in, I quickly explained why I had to go home, she laughed, we hugged and said our goodbyes.

It was 7pm as I dashed out of her office and I tried to find a bike to my estate in time before they were no longer allowed. Bikes are no longer allowed in my estate after 7:30pm so I was on a time crunch.

In minutes I was home, I went to the kitchen with a tired look on my face just in case I saw my mum on my way in but luckily, she wasn’t in sight or even in the kitchen so I could cook without being questioned every minute if the salt is enough, if the pepper isn’t too much or if i knew what I was doing in general. Sigh, mothers.

Dinner was ready in 20 minutes; I made white rice and plantain as there was already stew in the pot. I served my mum’s and took it to her room, she was so busy reading comments on Facebook she used her mouth to tell me where to place her food while scrolling through her phone and laughing to herself.

I served my food, went to my room and pounced on my bed to devour my meal. After eating I placed the plate under my bed because I couldn’t be bothered to take it to the kitchen yet.

I picked up my phone to read messages on Whatsapp but instead I held my phone for a second and was lost in thoughts as usual.

He smelled so good but so familiar, I wish I could place the perfume.

After thinking for a hot minute I finally placed the smell, it was Gucci Oud. My favorite aunt: Aunt Tolu had gifted me the perfume for my 21st birthday.

Me- Hmmm, finally, we have something in common: perfumes, thank God.

Me to Me – Ona, what are you thinking of? He has kids, KIDS, afterall he said “my boys will like this”.

Me – Ehn what if he meant his siblings’ kids? Afterall Aunt Tolu’s kids are my kids as well.

Me to Me – How then do you want to explain the ring on his finger?

Me – Ehn sheybi Pastor said until you’re married you’re not married, it’s definitely one of those fancy rings men wear to keep women at bay, who knows?

I smiled satisfactorily to myself as I fell asleep, knowing I attacked every questioning thought with what I felt was a logical response and I felt good within myself knowing nothing was going to thwart my attraction for Mr. Cocky, sorry, Dre. 😉

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Hope you enjoyed this episode, as usual, drop a comment on how you like this episode and what you expect for the preceding episodes.

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13 thoughts on “Episode 2: Finding Common Ground | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm….. Baby girl…U know wat happens wen pple start talking to themselves abi? Lol…. I dey wait part3.
    Anyway…. Still on point…Making me suspect things but still very much on point…..


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