Product Review: Classic Makeup USA Face Contour Kit/Face Definer.

Hey darlings, I’m blowing a big kiss to everyone for the love and constant support, thank you so much!

I’m here with my favorite product of the month and it’s from Classic Makeup USA as usual lol. Someone will be wondering if I’m being paid for these reviews or if it’s sponsored in some way, NO it isn’t. I just like how Classic Makeup USA re-branded and is out in the Nigerian makeup scene in a bigger and better way.

Let’s get into this review.


Product – Classic Makeup USA Face Contour Kit/Face Definer in CM01

It says Face Contour Kit on the package but it says Face Definer on the product itself so…

Product Information – This is a face definer which mimics the Zaron Face Definer perfectly, it contains a bright setting powder, a contour powder and a highlighter/bronzer. It also comes with an inbuilt mirror. Classic Makeup USA also has a contour effect palette which is different from this, if you have that please let me know how you like it.

Price – 1800n but can be higher in some places. It’s a steal when compared to that of Zaron which retails for about 4000n.

Pigmentation – This palette is so pigmented, you have to start with a light hand first, then build up.

Where To Buy – Any online store/supermarket. You can buy directly from Classic’s website.

I can buy this for you if you’re interested, already bought three for my friends so I’ve turned personal shopper lol.

How I Use

I use the bright powder to set my highlighter.

I use the contour powder to contour and sculpt my face (yes I contour now and I’m loving it!)

I use the highlighter to you know, highlight my whole being lol.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’ve been using this palette to highlight and sculpt and this highlighter is BOMB, it’s my go to highlighter for now, I still love my Ushas Professional Palette which has a bit of shimmer to it but this highlighter is synonymous to my LA Colors Bronzer with no shimmer but has a smooth application.

Will I Recommend?

Hell to the freaking yes, I’ve started running personal shopping business because of this palette lol. I love it, it’s small and travel friendly, it’s a steal for the price and it’s a great product. It also doubles as an eyeshadow for me, peep my Instagram.

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16 thoughts on “Product Review: Classic Makeup USA Face Contour Kit/Face Definer.

    1. Hello, you can check online (Jumia/Konga) or Classic’s website to make a purchase. I know there’s a shade suitable for fair skin CM02, hope that works.


    1. Hey U, I really don’t know much about the Zaron Face Definer but if you still have it, you can take it while shopping for this so you can have a visual comparison.


      1. good evening bookie pls just want to know the difference between classic makeup contour and the face definer if its does the same work

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        1. The Face Definer is a three in one compact product with setting powder, contour powder and highlighter.
          The Contour Kit I think has several contour powders (I’m unsure about this as I don’t own it).

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