Wigging It: Braids.

Hey darlings, how are you? I’m beginning to love wigs these days because I can’t shout.

Story time!

That’s how I was searching for braided wigs up and down Instagram but the prices I was hearing ehn, my sister, I closed my eyes.

30,000naira, 35,0000n with closure and for waist length. Being the cheapskate I am, I just freed. One day sha my friend (Hi Bisi Mama <3) posted on her Snapchat and I loved how her wig looked so I asked for the price and it was within my budget.

I got this wig done at Ikeja underbridge here in Lagos and within two days I picked it up.

It’s a braided wig with a closure, I had one old closure I wasn’t using anymore so I gave the lady to use.

You can also have a lace insert if you don’t want/have a closure yet.

The wig is sewn on a lace wig cap while the closure is the only part braided.

It’s a layered waist length wig, it’s full and neatly braided too.

I sewed elastic to the edges of the closure so it lays on my head well, the wig comes with elastic straps at the back too.

Now to the juice, how much did I get this wig?

Price with my own closure – less than 20,000naira.

Price with lace insert – less than 15,000naira.

I’m not giving a specific amount because she fit don increase her price small but it can’t be more than these.

If you’re interested please shoot me an email so I can send her phone number and name and all that many many.

Shoutout to you if you bought your wig at a price higher before this post came up, so sorry!

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8 thoughts on “Wigging It: Braids.

  1. You know online things is always more expensive, if you want to spend less money then forget online shopping… If i manage to make a braid wig for sale right now am going to charge o, because things are always over hyped on the Internet.. The wig looks lovely though.


  2. I’ve been searching for reasonably priced wigs.. I’ve even thought about dabbling in making my own. Also, your post are very refreshing and an easy read


  3. Please, I am new to your blog. so far I love what I am seeing. kudos. please, I am interested in the braided wig ( mama bisi’s details) but couldn’t find your e-mail account to send same.


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