Episode 3 | Dre, Is That You? | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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It was such a beautiful Friday morning, perfect for sorting deliveries. I started sorting client’s orders because the weekend is perfect for deliveries; no traffic or unnecessary hassle. I was going to see Sade later that day so I sorted her orders and kept them close to my handbag so I don’t forget to pick it up while going to her office. I love spending Fridays at her office because there’s food, gist and some of her friends come by on Fridays so it’s a great way to meet new people, market my business and also eat good food.

Okay this dress goes to Miss Titi, this goes to that guy that ordered shoes for his girlfriend, hmm goals, this blouse is for…

*phone rings*

Caller ID – Olumide.

Why in God’s name is this one calling me abeg?

A little backdrop, Olumide is my boyfriend (or will I use ‘was’ now since I’m on the verge of ending things with him?) whom I love or loved so much as the case is now but he cheated on me! How dare he?

We met two years ago at NYSC orientation camp in Lagos and we just clicked. He was one of those international students and to be a big girl in camp you have to roll with them international students (trust me) so when we got talking I was basically the envy of every girl in camp. Olu is 6’4, dark, has the perfect model cheekbones, has a slight British accent and a great personality to top it. What’s not to love about him? It’s not that looks is everything oh but at least it helps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After camp the friendship got deeper, we were in each other’s faces every weekend and things just heated up and we were dating. Now two years down the line on this fateful day, I went to see my boyfriend oh, his phones were with me, since I’m not one of those girlfriends who snoop around, I was innocently scrolling through pictures when a Whatsapp popup appeared from a Laila reading “Thanks for an amazing weekend ‘Lu โค , this pussy is all fired up because of you”


My heart started beating so fast I didn’t know when I opened the message and scrolled up to see what had been transpiring between my so called boyfriend whom I was in love with tori torun and this Laila. It turned out that my boyfriend was single oh! He told her he was single and ready to start something serious that will lead to marriage if he found the right girl. She asked about me and he just waved our two year old relationship aside saying I was just one of his good friends and we’re not in a serious relationship.

My heart was beating faster than I could breathe and my hands were trembling. The minute he came out of the shower I calmly asked him what the message was all about and why he will say he is single just because of pussy. In his defensive state, the only thing he could say abi ask was why I read his messages. Imagine? That was all the reply I needed and I walked out of his house, never to see him in my life again.

It’s been two months of back and forths, him begging, crying and all that drama for me to take him back which I strongly hesistated. I’m a stronger woman now and I know that men are scum anyway.

I sat there wondering for a split second why this scum was calling me, torn between letting the phone ring and answering the call. I answered the call.

Me – Yes?

Olu – Onaopemi (my full name is Onaopemipo but he loved calling me Onaopemi because it seemed personalized for him and it used to give me butterflies in my tummy, keyword used to), I’ve missed you, thank God you picked up, how are you?

Me – I’m awesome Olumide, how can I help you?

Olu – Babe, I’m so sorry, I’ve been begging for months now please forgive me, I know I hurt you Onaopemi I’m really sorry.

Me – Olumide I’ve forgiven you please can we move past that?

Olu – *excited* thanks love, can I please take you out on a date? Not date date but something casual, I just miss you, it’s been months, please?

Me – I’m busy abeg, I can’t.

Olu – I haven’t even set a date yet, come on Ona.

Me – I know I’d be busy in advance Olumide.

Olu – Wow Ona it’s like that now?

Me – Yes it’s like that now, go ask Laila for a something casual date.

Olu – Don’t be like that babe, I really want to see you, please?

Me – Okay Olumide, I’ve heard, I’d let you know when I’m free.

Olu – *excited* that’s my girl, just pick a day and…

*hangs up*

He too talk abeg, hiss, I’m definitely not getting back with Olumide neither will I go for any unnecessary date, I’m at a better place and I’d like to keep it this way.

*phone rings again*

Ooohhh God Olumide should leave me alone!

Caller ID – Aunty Tolu.

Me – Hello aunty Tolu good morning, how are you?

Aunty Tolu – Ona how far? I’m good dear, how are you?

Me – Not bad, just sorting deliveries, come and shop oh!

Aunty Tolu – You didn’t tell me you have new stock now, send me pictures.

Me – No problem, I will, what’s up?

Aunty Tolu – Ehnhen Ona please there’s this real estate company close to the house, it’s literally a stone throw from home, please help me set up a meeting with their CEO and help me check the place out if it’s legit, I want to invest a significant amount in real estate but I need to be sure this is legit you get?

Me – Okay text me the details, I’m heading out soon so I’d check, sheybi it’s close to the house?

Aunty Tolu – Yes, it is, I’m texting it to you right now, the CEO’s name, phone number and the office address, when you’ve sealed the deal and checked it out don’t forget to call me okay?

Me – Okay aunty no problem, take care!

A text comes in from Aunty Tolu stating the name, phone number and address:

Tade Oluwole, 08022211122, De’Rue Property & Investment, Number 3, Adewale street, Magodo Shangisha.

Adewale street, that’s just beside Sade’s office, perfect.

I decided to call before heading out so I called the number, it rang for a while then it was answered.

Me – Hello, good afternoon

Tade Oluwole – Good afternoon ma’m, how may I be of help?

Me – I’m Ona Oladunjoye, am I speaking with Mr Tade Oluwole please?

Tade Oluwole – Yes you are, how may I be of help?

Me – Splendid, I’d like to set up a meeting between you and a client interested in real estate, when is a good time?

Tade Oluwole – Monday morning is fine, anything from 10am.

Me – Okay, can I text you on this number? The client’s information?

Tade Oluwole – Sure, go ahead.

Me – Okay, thank you.

Tade Oluwole – You’re welcome ma’m.

*hangs up*

Ahan sexy voice.

I had a bath, dressed up and called Sade that I was my way to hers so she knows not to go anywhere. In minutes I was at Sade’s and we started gisting.

I told her about my aunt’s interest in real estate and she said she had a couple of friends she could link me up with. We were just gisting normal girl’s gist when you know who walked in.

My heart stopped beating for a second, the air just became thin all of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe.

See what man is doing to me.

Hi Sade, how are you? I was driving by and I decided to pop in to say hello, how’s work going?” Dre said and as Sade was replying he turned to me and with a pleasantly surprised look he goes “Hey Sade’s friend, this our Friday meetings are becoming a thing not so?” I didn’t even have the strength to say “It’s Ona not Sade’s friend” so I just smiled and say “Hey Dre, yes it sure is haha”.

Sade started telling Dre about how I was looking for a real estate company for my aunt to invest in because Dre owns a real estate company as well, in this same Magodo.

With a questioning look he turned to me and asked for my surname, that was so random to me I wanted to ask what that had to do with our conversation but I replied with “Oladunjoye” and he laughed and said “Hi Ona Oladunjoye, I’m Tade Oluwole”.


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Till nextweek Friday by 7pm, what do you think Ona did when she realized Dre is Tade?

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