Episode 4: Going On A Date| I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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I almost choked. If I had water in my mouth I’d have spat it out. WHAT? My heart was beating faster now and I didn’t even understand why. 

Which kain unnecessary attraction do I have towards this man?

All these happened within seconds, I quickly put myself together and said “Oh really? What a pleasant surprise, who would’ve thought?” He felt urged to explain why his name is both Dre and Tade so he said Dre was coined from his company’s name, his friends were to lazy to pronounce it in full so they gave him a nickname. Explanation seemed fair enough but throughout at Sade’s office I just couldn’t get myself together. It seemed the attraction started to build significantly. In my head I was screaming and jumping up and down that I spoke to my crush over the phone (yes, he unofficially became my crush) and I just couldn’t contain myself. In real life however, I was as calm as a dove, smiling each time he turns to look at me while talking with Sade.

I didn’t participate in the discussion as much just because I become awfully quiet because of the presence of someone I’m attracted to. Three hours in Sade’s office and it was time to go home, I couldn’t stand Tade’s presence anymore, I don’t know if it was his perfume that was choking me or some tension that came from nowhere that was paralyzing me and I had to leave before I became obviously helpless.

I told Sade I had to leave, Tade took that as a cue for him to leave as well saying he had to rush down somewhere to handle some business. Sade hugged us but couldn’t escort us past her office door because she had a meeting pending so it was just Tade and I, walking out of her office, I tried my best not to limp or shake too much or fall in the long run as we walked quietly out of Sade’s office.

As we got outside, he asked which way I was going and I told him I live just down the road and he seemed pleasantly surprised. He asked if he could drop me home and I said “that’s fine” and we walked towards his car. His car, a G Wagon, matte black, I was stunned and I just smiled to myself that this man has money abeg.

As we got into the car, the ac was on full blast and I settled into the smell of this perfume which had woody notes, just how I love my perfume. I complimented him on it and he seemed a bit flustered and we started talking about perfumes. It seemed like my house wasn’t just minutes away from Sade’s office because we had covered so many topics in just a short period of time. He was a great conversationalist, still cocky in his replies but I guess that’s what I liked about him, his cockiness and that smile, the smile he gives when you either flatter him or say something smart.

He parked right in front of my estate, turned fully to me, as if to take a good look at me which left me quite uncomfortable (uncomfortable in a good way) and I couldn’t help but blush a little. He said it was nice talking to me since I always act quiet in Sade’s office. I smiled and explained that I only speak when spoken to plus I love to listen and he just laughed at me and said I was shy.

Of course I was shy, his presence makes me so uncomfortable, my heart skips beats all the time.

He brought out his phone to confirm my phone number saying “the number you called me with earlier today is that yours?” pointing to my unsaved number on his phone. I said “yes, it is”. He then looked at me, smiled and said he’d save it. He also asked “Is it okay to text or call you, you know, to follow up on our meeting on Monday?” I said “our meeting or the meeting between you and my aunt?” He chuckled and said “oh! Yes, between your aunt and I, can I?” I tucked my hair behind my ear again and said “yes of course you can, umm thanks for the lift Mr. Tade, see you around”. He said “my name is just Tade, lose the Mr. please”. I nodded, smiled and got down from his car.

I tried so hard to walk straight, I kept telling myself to walk slowly so I don’t trip from invisible stones on the floor then I was wondering where he was because his car hadn’t moved and I turned back only to catch him staring at me so comfortably in his car, he smiled and then he licked his lips (or so I thought, maybe I was seeing double) and drove off.

Was Mr. Tade just checking me out? Ha! I’m seeing double.

I got home, ate lunch and just pounced on my bed. I was tired from doing nothing but lusting after a married man. He isn’t even married, I haven’t asked him, he hasn’t confirmed that but he keeps wearing this gold wedding band on his ring finger. I made a mental note to bring up marriage when next we spoke.

A part of me was waiting for him to text me or call me as he said he would but I didn’t get anything from him, just clients making enquiries and I wasn’t in the mood so I didn’t reply any message and I didn’t know when I slept off.


My phone started vibrating beside me and I woke up from my sleep only to see the caller ID: Mr. Tade Oluwole. My eyes opened quickly (obviously, I had been waiting for this call all evening) and I answered.

Me: Hello, good evening Mr. Tade.

Tade – Hey, sleeping beauty? Did I wake you up by any means?

Me – Yes you did but it’s fine regardless.

Tade – How are you Ona?

The way he says my name with so much sexiness and seriousness, it weakens me.

Tade – I apologize, I should’ve called you earlier but I got home a bit fagged out and I took a nap, I’m just waking up myself and you were the first thing on my mind so I decided to call you.

Did he just say what I think I heard?

Me – I’m good Mr. Tade, sorry Tade, it’s alright, I understand, busy man like you, you deserve all the rest you can get. How are you?

Tade – I’m good as well, going out in a minute to meet my guys.

Me – Oh what’s the celebration?

Tade – Haha it’s Friday Ona, T.G.I.F you know?

Me – Oh! I don’t do T.G.I.Fs that’s why, I’m always home.

Tade – Why are you always home by the way? What do you do for a living?

Me – I run an online boutique sir.

Tade – Sir? You’re one naughty little girl. That’s great by the way, entrepreneurial life, do you want  a job however?

Me – Thank you sir haha, I don’t mind getting a job too since this business isn’t time consuming at all.

Tade – Okay can we talk about this and more over drinks tonight?

Me – Oh I can’t stay out so late, plus where are we going to?

Tade – Say yes first woman.

For some weird reason this sounded so sexy to me I had goosebumps.

Me – Yes sir, where do I meet you?

Tade – I’d come pick you up, I don’t stay far away.

Me – Haha where do you stay? Down the street?

Tade – I wish, I’d be disturbing you everyday if i was, I stay at Magodo Isheri so I’m just minutes away from you. Get dressed, I’d pick you up in 10 minutes because I’m heading out now.

Me – Okay see you in a bit.

I wanted to scream! I always want to scream when I’m excited or nervous. I couldn’t believe I was going on a drinks date with Tade! I didn’t even know what to wear, I sat on my bed thinking of so many things in seconds. I finally decided to check my new stock for something nice (perks of owing a boutique) and I picked an embellished short black shift dress that rests a few inches before my knees (a little sexy sexy), washed my face and put o slight makeup, brushed my hair, I had a sew in; 18″ long and I was contemplating whether to pack it as a ponytail or just let it fall, in between my dilemma my phone started to ring and I knew it was Tade, I quickly drenched myself in Versace Oud Noir, answered the call, Tade said he was already in front of my estate, I told him I was walking towards the estate gate and I’d see him in a bit,

I was prepared to have a good time, I had jitters in my tummy but they were good jitters.

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