Episode 5: Getting Intimate | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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I quickly locked my house gate and started walking towards my estate gate after rushing out of the house, my mom had traveled for the weekend so I didn’t have to explain myself to anyone, luckily for me. I was walking fast but normal at the same time, I didn’t want to keep him waiting and I was nervous too so that explains the way I was walking. In three minutes I got to the estate gate and saw a black Range Rover Sport parked right by my estate gate, it was the only car parked by my estate gate so I was looking around for Tade’s G Wagon but I couldn’t find it, I decided to give him a call but instead my phone started to ring, I answered the call and he said he had seen me, I told him he wasn’t anywhere around me, then the headlights of the Range flashed and he repeated that he had seen me.

I was pleasantly stunned, this man owns a Range and G Wagon? Is it only Real Estate that is bringing in this cash abeg?

I sashayed to the car, got in and greeted him with a smile, my perfume took over the atmosphere and I was so pleased with myself. We had small talk in the car, compliments here and there and how Lagos is on a Friday night. He asked what time he could get me home and I was so tempted to say my night is all yours Tade but I snapped out of that and told him anything before 10pm is good and he laughed, teasing me that my curfew was 10pm. If only he knew I was home alone…

We got to this restaurant/lounge in Ikeja G.R.A and the ambiance was beautiful, it was relaxing and I felt I was going to have a good time with this man. We sat at a slightly private corner of the restaurant and from the way we were attended to, I figured Tade comes here often or could they just smell the wealth off him?

We ordered for some finger foods and cocktails with emphasis on little alcohol for mine because I didn’t want to display madness on my first date with Tade. Can I call it date already or just hangout?

Our conversation covered so many topics: politics, being an entrepreneur in Nigeria, the unfavorable economy and so on but we didn’t touch marriage or relationships. I guess it just didn’t cross both our minds. Lie, it did cross my mind because each time he tried to deeply explain something, his left hand was always in motion, flashing his wedding band or fashion ring? Regardless, it was good to be having a conversation with someone who could hold a great one.

Two hours into our date he said he had to get me home because he didn’t want to get me home past my curfew. I had a great time, I hadn’t imagined how the evening was going to be with him but I was glad I went out with him. We left the restaurant and on our way back home I engaged him into small talk about his work and maybe other investments he was into so as to explain the cars he drives and I guess he knew where I was coming from, he laughed saying he has tons of investments in restaurants across the country, coupled with his real estate company that has six more branches in different states in Nigeria.

Could it be that he is a co-owner of the restaurant we went to? Abajo!

I was tempted to ask him but I felt he would’ve told me out-rightly if he co-owned the restaurant or maybe he was leaving it for later, to surprise me maybe? Either-way my gut was telling me he co-owns the restaurant and nothing was going to change that. I couldn’t also wrap my head around how can someone be so young and wealthy. He looks like he’s in his late 30s – early 40s but emphasis on late 30s anyway and he has achieved so much in such little time, I decided from that moment that whichever way he achieved his success, I was going to learn from him, asides my little sexual fantasies which I try to push aside.

In thirty minutes we were in front of my estate gate, he offered to drop me right in front of my house but I declined saying it’s not so far from the estate gate and I needed fresh air to clear the alcohol from my system a bit. He laughed and said I couldn’t handle my alcohol after all. I told him I couldn’t and he laughed some more. I slightly shoved him and he grabbed my hand, assessing my fingers, he placed my hand on his, palms touching and the view was likened to me placing my niece’s hand on mine, my fingers looked so small beside his, I commented saying it’s just because he is 6ft, he corrected me and said “6’3, I am 6’3 Ona”.

That explains why you’re so cocky sir.

My hand was still placed on his, I was looking at it and so was he, we both fell silent and next thing he interlocked our fingers with a strong grip, I let out an almost inaudible moan from the pain and pleasure I experienced while he did that. We both didn’t say anything for what seemed like a long minute. I broke the silence by saying “Umm Tt-tade, I umm had a great umm time tonight, thanks for umm m-making something out of my evening”

I honestly didn’t understand why I was stuttering, the words just seemed clumped in my mouth.

He replied smiling and saying “It was an evening worth spending with you Ona, I could get used to this in a minute.” I smiled and got out of the car, he got out as well saying he had to watch me get home safe since I didn’t let him drop me right in front of my house.

How sweet, but how was I going to walk properly with this fine ass man staring and probably smiling at the same time?

I started to walk into my estate and he pulled me back asking if he wasn’t going to get a hug so at least my perfume would transfer onto his shirt. It was funny or so I thought because I remember laughing so hard and I leaned in, tip toed to the max just to hug him but instead he lifted me and spun me around for a second.

Lol it was so amazing I was laughing all through. The scene be like romance film.

He finally let me go, my estate security men were looking at me a bit funny but I just greeted them and walked in. My house is a three minute walk from the gate so as I was walking, I kept turning around to see if Tade had gone but he actually kept to his word, waving at me each time I turned just so I know he was still there. I got infront of my house, waved back at him, unlocked the gate and I saw him returning to his car.

Such a gentleman.

I got to my room, undressed, decided to take my makeup off first so my skin could breathe before taking a shower. When I was through, I decided to text Tade, you know, a “thank you for a good evening” type of text then maybe pour out my deep affection for him, haha joke. As I picked my phone to text him he called me instead.

Oh hearts that beat at the same rhythm…

Me: Heyyyyyy, I was about texting you.

Tade: Oh really? You were about pouring out your undying love for me?


Tade: Ona? Haha I’m only joking.

Me: Well I was, you should’ve let me text you.

Tade: Haha next time I will, how are you?

Me: I’m good Tade, thanks for a good evening.

Tade: Thank YOU for a good evening, thanks for putting up with me for two hours.

Me: I tried haha.

Tade: I’m about meeting up with the boys, we’re going to have drinks and whatever the night leads.

Me: Oh you’re still going out? I didn’t know.

Tade: Yes love, it’s Friday. I have an unspoken ritual with the boys every Friday night. We pick a different place to hang out, you know Lagos is reallly big.

Me: It sure is, have a great time with your boys.

Tade: I will rather be with you right now, you know, just talking.

Me: I’d like that too.

*at this moment I felt my sense leaving my body*

Tade: What are you doing tomorrow?

Me: I’d be ho…

Tade: Great, I’m taking you to a restaurant in Lekki by 4pm, I know you’d love the place.

Me: Are you asking me or you’re just assuming I’ve agreed?

Tade: I’d pick you up by say 3:30pm, 4pm, sounds good?

Me: You just assumed I…

Tade: Perfect, see you tomorrow love, I’d text you later, take care of your fine self okay? I have to go now.

Me: laughs, this man won’t kill me. Goodnight Mr. Tade.

Tade: Goodnight Miss Ona.

And just like that we were going to go on two dates in two days. I was excited to see him the next day and I also rolled my eyes at how he just has this dominating personality, which I found attractive.

“Saturday will come with its own headache of what to wear because right now I’m beat” I said, smiling to myself at the thought of having another amazing evening with the only man that makes me stutter. I slept, reminiscing about the evening, every little detail and how our fingers were interlocked and that grip, oh that grip.

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