Episode 6: Gasps For Air | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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Saturday morning came with one unnecessary drag. After struggling to get up from my bed by 8am, I dragged myself to the kitchen to quickly fix something to hold my stomach so I don’t feel dizzy while doing my laundry or cleaning the house as a whole. I was considering giving my clothes to the dry cleaners down the street and calling one of those house cleansers to help clean the house because o re body. Nonetheless, after eating cereal, I dragged my laundry basket outside and washed all my clothes, took a breath and started cleaning the house while playing some music on my phone so the ginger doesn’t die. By 1pm, I was done with everything, my phone buzzed and it was a text from Ola asking when I was going to be at her house. I had totally forgotten I promised Ola I’d come over so I told her I’d be in Ikeja; her house, by 2pm latest since I didn’t have plans for the day.

I quickly took a bath, wore a basic shirt, jeans, slippers, packed my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my handbag, sprayed a bit of perfume and dashed out of the house. The sun was on full blast this Saturday, a part of me just wanted to call Ola to cancel but I couldn’t because I didn’t know when next she’d be in her house on the mainland, all these my island friends and I had really missed her.

I was at her house by 2:30pm, she had already cooked my favorite; fried rice with stewed chicken and I started remembering reasons why I love this girl so much. We talked, caught up with work and all that’s in between. I was really enjoying myself because I love gist, especially steamy office gist about office crush so I was all ears.

Hours later while still at Ola’s house, my phone rang and guess who was calling? Of course it was Tade. I left the room I was in with Ola and went towards the corridor to answer the call.

Me – Hey Mister, how are you?

Tade – Hey beautiful, I’m good, you?

Me – I’m great. What’s up?

Tade – Are you ready? I’d be at yours in 10 minutes, 15 minutes max.

Me – Mine? Why?

Tade – Ona we’re going on a date by 4pm, did you forget?

Me – OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry I tot…

Tade – It’s fine love, just get your fine self ready and let me know when you’re almost done so I can be at yours. I’m at the office so I’d drive down when you’re ready.

Me – Umm Tade the truth is I’m currently in Ikeja and…

Tade – Are you done at Ikeja?

Me – Yes I am, I’d just tell my friend ‘bye’ and be on my way home right now.

Tade – Stay where you are, I’d come get you, is that okay?

Of course, I get to save my transport money and enjoy AC, Oga please be coming.

Me – It’s okay but I don’t want to bother you, I’d be on my way soon.

Tade – Text the address to me and I’d come pick you up right now, I’m waiting okay?

Me – Okay Tade, I’d text you in a minute, Thank you and I’m so sorry!

Tade – It’s fine love, see you in a minute.

I was so flustered for reasons best known to God because I didn’t know why either. I texted him Ola’s house address but told him to park a street away from hers, I don’t know why I said that but I just did because I didn’t want her asking me unnecessary questions I wasn’t ready to answer so everyone is happy.

I told Ola I was leaving soon but my neighbor was close and he offered to drop me home so I’d go home with him, she was okay with that. I don’t know why I had to hide his identity but I just did, I felt bad for lying to my friend but is he not my neighbor? Sheybi his office is just a street away? Abeg he’s my neighbor jo.

In thirty minutes Tade called me that he was where I needed him to be, that sounded all shades of sexy to me but I waved it aside, I hugged Ola, told her not to bother escorting me since she was busy in the kitchen anyway and started heading towards the street I told Tade to park and wait for me.

I got into the car, oh he brought the Range Rover Sport, hugged him and apologized for forgetting about our date and promised I wasn’t going to spend too much time dressing up. He laughed and said that’s what every woman says about dressing up that I should take my time. We talked about my day briefly, how I dread doing my laundry and he suggested I give his favorite dry cleaners and it will be billed to his own account, I thanked him for the offer but noted it for next time because who doesn’t like awoof?

In minutes we were home, I felt it will be unfair and inconsiderate to make him wait in the car, by the estate gate for me so I told him to drive in and come into the house, afterall I was home alone now. He parked right in front of my house gate and we got out of the car, I unlocked the gate and led him into my humble abode as they say.

I led him into the parlor and told him I won’t be long, thirty minutes maximum and if I wasn’t out by then he should keep shouting my name, he laughed and said I should take my time it was okay. I showed him where to sit, turned the AC and TV on for him and dashed to my room to dress up because I didn’t want to keep this fine man waiting any longer and I was really eager to know where we were going to for this date.

I took a quick shower, contemplated a bit on what to wear that was date appropriate because Tade wore sky blue buba and sokoto with chocolate brown sandals and it was perfect on his skin because he’s a tad bit lighter than me, the epitome of caramel so I knew I just had to look equally good. I brought out a black, fully stoned, long wrap dress with three quarter sleeves and it looked dinner-ish so I settled for that. For shoes I wore low block heel strap sandals in gold and took a gold small chain purse that fits just my phone and wallet. For makeup I used a maximum coverage powder foundation, drew my eyebrows as fast as I could, wore falsies, higlighter and Mac’s Ruby Woo red lipstick. I decided to brush my hair, curl it just a little with my straightener and let it fall.

I checked my wrist watch and I had gotten dressed in 25 minutes, I was so proud of myself. I dipped myself in YSL’s La Nuit De L’Homme because it seemed perfect for the night but a bit too manly so I topped it with a bit of DKNY’s Be Delicious just to add a bit of feminism to my scent. I felt I smelt like a million bucks so I walked out of my room towards the parlor, saying to Tade that I was ready. He had moved from where he sat earlier to further down the parlor, basically the last sofa at one extreme end of the parlor.

He looked up, got up and stared at me for what seemed like more than a minute, I felt a bit uncomfortable but that was nothing compared to how I was going to feel that night. It seemed like he was gawking but in the most sexy way ever. I asked him if all was okay and he said yes, walking towards me, I started to feel all so uncomfortable, my heart was beating so fast, but this discomfort wasn’t associated with fear, it was associated with attraction. As he was walking towards me, I started walking backwards, using my hands to search for the wall that should be behind me. He kept walking towards me with that annoying smirk on his face like he could read I was uncomfortably attracted to him if there’s anything like that.

I finally found the wall behind me with my hands and I leaned on it for strength because I felt weak from my waist down and he stood right in front of me. We were just a breath apart and my breathing became so heavy he perceived it and leaned in, whispering “relax, I just want to sniff you”.

How can I relax when you’re standing in front of me, 6’3 in all glory, ehn?

I love sniffing perfume on someone’s person, I just love doing it and I was a bit surprised he loved doing it too. Those words worked wonders because I became calm immediately but I was still uncomfortable. I hate how Tade makes me uncomfortable. I couldn’t shut my eyes because his toned arms which I could see through his trad was right in my face and I could appreciate his perfume in its full glory, I wanted to just dip my face into his arms and sniff him all night but I contained myself.

I tucked my hair behind my right ear with my eyes closed, as a “go ahead” sign and he bent and started to sniff me. Each time he exhaled I had goosebumps all over and let out a subtle moan. This man was doing all sorts to me by just breathing on me.

Next I felt his lips placed lightly on my neck, I didn’t expect it or maybe I did but I let out a softer but less subtle moan, my heart was beating so fast I began to pant. I was close to loosing my breath and choking. Choking on lips placed on my neck, he hadn’t even done anything. Sigh.

He kept kissing and sucking on my neck, interchangeably I don’t know how he did it but it was driving me crazy. He whispered “relax love” but I was lost in my own thoughts. I wanted to be stripped naked by the man, I wanted him to do whatever he so wishes to this body.

He bit my neck and pulled the skin lightly with his teeth and I had never had that done to me before, it was all new and exciting that I moaned a bit louder than normal, he stopped and looked at me, body still in my face, hunger (hunger for me) in his eyes and asked “should we go for our date or should we continue this?”

What a difficult question. I said we should go for our date but he could see in my eyes I meant the latter. He smiled (that annoying smirk), made a gesture with his hand and said “okay, ladies first”.

I couldn’t walk oh. My legs felt so weak I couldn’t move them. Because of man I didn’t know how to walk again! I told him I couldn’t walk by myself because my legs felt weak and he had a satisfying smirk on his face, locked his right fingers in mine and headed for the door.

As we headed for the door I kept asking myself if I made the right decision by going on a date but the deed was done, I looked at our interlocked fingers and smiled mischievously at the thought of what those fingers could do to me.

Oh this date will be one to remember.

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27 thoughts on “Episode 6: Gasps For Air | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

  1. I had to go catch up on previous episodes. OMG this is such a good read babe and I’m mad it’s coming Jan bits, I want everything already haha. I love the Yoruba and pidgin bits that you add to the story… Makes it so much fun. This is already a TV series uno… Waiting for the next episode.



      1. Lade you took the words right out of mouth ooo, the pidgin and yoruba jara is what I love, Buks please if it goes to the TV screen, kindly cast me as Ona, I can act the part well, LMAO.


  2. Okay this episode was spicy, I’m glad I’m catching up now that you’ve completed the story


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