Episode 7: You’re Married? | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

Hey loves, I want to say a big THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! to everyone following this series from day one. I’m so amazed at the positive feedback this series has been receiving and I hope you all follow to the end. I just wanted to say this before proceeding to Episode 7, enjoy!

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As we headed out, I locked the door and house gate, then got into car trying to act all composed and calm but it was going to take a minute or two before my body regains sanity. I tried to breathe out heavily at intervals just to help. This man is gaining control of my body and it’s exciting yet scary. As we drove, he looked at me, wondering why I locked the gate and kept the keys instead of dropping it for someone. I explained that I was home alone for the weekend and my mom traveled, to be back on Monday. He had a satisfying smile on his face and teased me about having the house to myself and doing what I liked. I guess he was just trying to break the ice and help me feel relaxed, it worked because once I got into defense mode, sanity was restored to my body.

In breaking the ice, he teased me again about how my perfume wants to choke him that I should take it easy. I laughed and teased him back that it’s his that wants to make us lose our breath. He asked what I was wearing and I told him YSL La Nuit De L’Homme with a bit of DKNY Be Delicious. He teased and said “oh you look and smell delicious, I just need to have a taste of you to confirm that”.

I was beginning to feel weak from my waist down but I didn’t want his words to have an impact on me so I changed the topic and asked about his perfume too. He said he was wearing Tom Ford Black Orchid. I told him it’s on my wishlist and I really want to get it but the price had been sending me away. He said “mo le ya ey, igba to ba fe lo, pe mi, ma wa dasi ey l’ara (I can lend you, whenever you want to use it, call me, I’d pour it on your body)”. It was so funny, funny because I caught the pun intended in what he said in Yoruba.

He then said I should open the glove compartment and take any perfume I liked there. He had Tom Ford Tobacco Oud, Tobacco Vanille, Black Orchid and Tuscan Leather. I wasn’t surprised at his Tom Ford collection, I mean he drives a Benz, a Range and other cars I have no idea of, of course his taste in perfumes will be exotic. I jejely picked the Black Orchid which was still almost full as the rest were always half way through, thanked him and smiled sheepishly. He caught me smiling from ear to ear and said “anything for you my love”.

We got to this beautiful restaurant in Lekki Phase One, it looked like those restaurants you just drive past but never enter because outside alone looks way off your budget, not to talk of the menu. We were welcomed warmly, a part of me felt he was known at this restaurant very well or maybe he owns it too, who knows? We were directed to a reserved table that oversees the water and we could see the Ikoyi-Lekki link bridge from our table. It looked beautiful especially at that time, 6:30pm. I decided to get comfortable and have an amazing time with Tade.

I ordered for a Mojito while he ordered for Long Island. While we waited for our food, we got talking.

Tade – So, tell me, why did you decide to be an entrepreneur and not work a 9 – 5 like others?

Me – I couldn’t get a job at the time and right now, in as much as getting a job and running my business on the side will be amazing, I’m fine with just my business, all I need is to expand my territories, you know. I want to have a physical store, build a website and also supply smaller stores around Nigeria, with Lagos as a starting point. That’s my long term goal.

Tade – What’s stopping you from expanding right now?

Me – Money, (laughs). I need fundsssssssss. The alcohol started to kick in at this point.

Tade – How much are we looking at? Have you done a business plan?

Me – Are we here to talk business or get to know ourselves more? This business talk gan, o l’agbara. (laughs) I haven’t done a business plan though.

Tade – Mo fe ran ey lo’wo, sugbon o fe ma se anyhow abi? (I want to help you but you want to be doing anyhow right?)

Me – Your Yoruba is so sexy ahan (chuckles). Come and help me Daddy T.

Tade – (laughs) Daddy T? O ti ya fun mi ni nickname ni’isyin? (You’ve given me nickname already?) I like it though. I want to be of help, let me know when you’re free so we can talk more, hopefully next weekend, that’s if your boyfriend doesn’t mind.

Me – (laughs) which boyfriend?

Tade – Sho fe so fun mi pe oo ni boyfriend ni? (Do you want to tell me you don’t have a boyfriend?) Come on.

Me – I used to, but I called it off two months ago, he’s still asking for audience, to explain himself or remedy the situation but I…

Tade – But you’re having none of that right? Hmmm Ona Ona.

Me – (laughs) It’s not that, I just want to move on, do you know what I mean?

Tade – I understand you perfectly love, and that’s good too, you get to meet someone new who ticks all the right boxes. (winks)

Me – (laughs) Yes, why are you winking?

Tade – (laughs) You’re one naughty girl.

Me – So, are you married or engaged? I see the ring on your finger.

Tade – Haha, tell me, what made you call it off with your boyfriend?

Me – Oh he cheated on me and started to play the defense, I wasn’t having any of it really and come to think of it, I didn’t let him explain himself but I know he cheated anyway, I saw the text from the girl saying she had a nice time or something.

Tade – So you can’t stand cheats?

Me – Yes oh, I’m very selfish and clingy. I share every other thing with the world, I wouldn’t want to share my man too, do you know what I mean?

Tade – I understand you perfectly love.

We had dinner, I ordered for special fried rice which had a bit of shrimps and prawns while he ordered for spaghetti bolognese. While eating, if it was possible, he’d have striped me naked with his eyes. Each time he looked at me it pierced through me and it made me uncomfortable, you know, the good type.

We left the restaurant by 10pm because my mama no dey house. As we got into the car, he connected his phone to the aux cord and started playing some r’n’b songs. We then talked about a lot of other things then he told me he co-owned the restaurant we were in. I wasn’t surprised but I was pleased. He actually co-owns five restaurants in Lagos, three on the Island and two on the Mainland. He owns a beach house too that he rents to couples for their honeymoon or to event planners. I said I hadn’t been to a beach house before and I’d love to go to one. He looked at me and smiled, interlocked my fingers in his and said “no problem love”. I thought to myself, this man is just cashing out every time, every minute. I then made a mental note to myself that “ibi ni ma ku si (this is where I will die).

My likeness for Tade was now through the roof. He’s 6’3, he’s articulate, smart and I love how he infuses Yoruba in his sentences at the right time. He was “perfect” to me. I was just thinking to myself on the way back home that it wouldn’t be bad to be in a serious relationship with him, that’s if he throws it at me.

We got home in almost 30 minutes because no traffic. He parked right in front of my house but left the car on. He turned to me and smiled, saying:

Tade – I loved tonight, it was beautiful, you are beautiful.

Me – (blushing) Thank you, dinner was great, oh and the view of the restaurant, I love it.

Tade – (holding my hands) Mo fe toju ey, je’n toju ey Ona (I want to take care of you, let me take care of you Ona).

Me – (chuckles)

Tade – You’re so beautiful when you laugh. I love your drive Ona, you’re ambitious and I like that. Let me help you achieve your dreams, you can be my pet project you know. (winks)

Me – (chuckles) No problem but what do you mean, explicitly?

Tade – You’d know as time will definitely tell. What are you doing next weekend? Seeing your boyfriend?

Me – Which boyfr… Wait, you never answered me, I asked if you were married or not but you politely dodged the question.

Tade – Will my marital status change anything?

Me – (a bit agitated) Of course it will. Are you married or engaged Tade?

Tade – I’m married Ona.

Me – You’re wwhhhaaaat?

Tade – (smiling at me)

Me – Tade, gosh, Tade.

Tade – What’s wrong my love?

Me – Please don’t call me your love, I’m not your love. You’re another woman’s property.

Tade – I want to be YOUR property love.

Me – It can’t happen, that cannot happen.

Tade – Don’t think about anything Ona, just let your feelings flow, let time tell what will and will not happen okay?

I mean, he’s married but I like him, I like him a whole lot. He faced the steering as though he was lost in thoughts as well so I rested my head on his shoulder, he interlocked his fingers in mine, turned to me and kissed my forehead. The song playing in the car was I’ll Never Break Your Heart by Boys II Men and it was perfect. I said underneath my breath “how smooth”.

As he kissed my head the second time I told him not to kiss me anymore but in a very low tone. I didn’t mean that and of course he knew. He then started kissing my forehead some more and tightening his grip on my fingers. I didn’t know when I looked up, pulled back and looked at him. I saw so much hunger in his eyes, hunger for me and I kissed him.

It first started out soft and intense with little to no saliva. He was sucking my lower lips with the right amount of pressure, I’d release my lips from his for a second just to let out a soft moan and go back to kissing him. By this time his left hand was on my waist while the right hand ensured my hair was out of the way. He then increased the tempo and nudged me with his tongue to put my tongue in his mouth which I did. He sucked on my tongue and pulled my hair away with his two hands, one hand holding my hair in a ponytail while the other was firmly placed at the nape of my neck. He was in control of me. I took my tongue out of his and he kissed me strongly and bit my lower lip. I loved it so much I didn’t know when I moaned louder. He continued kissing me as I pushed myself back to the seat. He was slightly on top of me, kissing me as I felt his hand reaching for the side of the seat. With my eyes still closed, he reclined my seat and I jerked and moaned. That whole act was too sexy I said to myself, “this man is uber smooth”

As he leaned in to kiss me his phone rang, he sat right, reached for his phone, removed the aux cord and answered it. I started to adjust my hair which was a slight mess from all that action. I didn’t pay attention to his conversation but I felt he was talking to his wife. When he was done, he looked at me like “ori yo ey Ona (your head saved you, figuratively speaking)” and he apologized. I told him it was fine and that I had a good evening.

We got out of the car, I started feeling moody about him being married and he read me so well and hugged me tightly saying I shouldn’t think about it. He started kissing me and I couldn’t feel my legs once more so I stopped kissing him and told him if he continued, he wouldn’t go home tonight. He smiled and said “omo buruku (bad child)”. We hugged again and said goodnight. I stood in front of my house gate and watched him drive out of my estate. Every part of me didn’t want him to go, I wanted him all to myself and my mind told me this is how it will be, he’d always rush home to his wife and kids, he’d never be mine.

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13 thoughts on “Episode 7: You’re Married? | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

  1. At least she knows if she goes ahead with it, he will always rush home to wifey and kids. Ona biko save yourself the pain and find you a nice single guy.

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  2. omg bookie! I am in the library and i cant even concentrate because i am panicking for Ona in my head! what have you gotten yourself into girl?! Cant wait to read more


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