What I Wore: GTBank Food and Drink.

Hey darlings! Happy New Month! Long time no gist, I’m here with one today.

It’s no news that the whole of Lagos went for GTBank Food & Drink on Sunday and Monday (30th of April & 1st of May respectively). The crowd there ehn, Lord have mercy!

I went on both days with my friends and it was the same experience; traffic, crowd, food and loads of familiar faces. I wanted to do an outfit inspiration type of post, you know, by taking pictures of random people, like street style but my mojo died on the second day.

If you follow me on Snapchat – thelifeofbey and Instagram – bookiekunlere you would’ve gotten VIP front row access to the videos and pictures, if you don’t follow me yet, you should!

I met Miyonse from the just concluded BBNaija, he’s finer in person and so sweet. He actually walked up to me to ask why I was shy, I was blushing upandan. I also met Ayoola (the favorite character Mide) from the Nigerian series; SkinnyGirlInTransit. He’s such a fine man and too nice! I saw SisiYemmie, she’s so pretty and so nice too. I was stoked! I was bursting with so much excitement, I was literally grinning from ear to ear.

It was also great to see some bloggers (Hey WumiTuase & SkinnyBrownie), I hope I look good in person as I do in pictures haha!

I had a swell time for someone who doesn’t socialize much and I wonder why I don’t go for these events often, ehn? I’m too boring.

I’m going to rant about something I observed but that’s after the pictures, enjoy!

Snapchat Files

                                Ussie with Sisi Yemmie
                                      Selfie with Miyonse
                             Selfie with WumiTuase


Outfit Details

Beaded Camisole – From Zlanche, price 3000naira.

Bootcut Pants – From Zlanche, price 6000naira.

Hair – From OlaidebabyHairStore, 14′ 14′ with a 14′ closure.

So back to what I want to rant about, WHY ARE SOME OF YOU SNOBS?

I don’t understand please someone should explain to me. Why are some bloggers and Instagram friends snobs?

I mean, we both follow each other on Instagram/Twitter, YOU KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE but you choose to snob me? Lol the funny one is you drop comments like “baby, boo, love” etc on my Instagram but you chose to act like you don’t know me in person or you choose to snob me?

I’m shading all of you who fit into this category, if you do this please STOP. It’s a dirty attitude from the pit of hell. I know you want to be a “big time blogger” or a “Lagos big girl” but being a snob wouldn’t get you to that position, abeg, relax your navs and be friendly.

Lol so I learnt that the reason why these bloggers and Instagram friends are like this; dropping comments on my Instagram and liking my pictures is just so that I can do same, not because they’re that nice or friendly in person. Wow, isn’t that sheer foolishness?

Lol and to answer the big question in the room, no, that isn’t my boyfriend. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and this was the first time we were meeting, in person!

All in all I had a swell time at GTBank Food and Drink, what about you?

P.S. YESSSSS! I’ve started wearing falsies oh, to God be the glory!



24 thoughts on “What I Wore: GTBank Food and Drink.

  1. Lol the part that people comment so you can comment back killed me. Haha.

    You look lovely dear. 👍🏽

    Ehen, What bout day 2’s outfit? I already saw this ones on snapchat na. 😒


  2. Please ooo be going out more!! Because I really loved this post. I saw the picture of you and Ayoola on your IG story and I wanted to cry😭😭. I’m jealous


    1. Lol yes I met Ayoola, I’m still excited about that oh.
      Thanks hun, lol I didn’t know about the snobbing thing, but now I’m better informed.


  3. About the sobbing thingy… I would just take it that you didn’t know cos you don’t go out often…
    We get the same invite to a beauty brunch or something… Someone would be feeling too big, like thier own invite card are gold plated…
    Cliques upon cliques.. And yeah the same people use alot of of hey love, boo, darling… Blah blah blah
    Biko I cannor comman gaan kee myself…
    By the way you look fabulous.. I tagged you to a post of eyeshadow collection.. Not sure you saw that…
    Keep slaying Biko.. Leave badt belle pipo😂😂😂


    1. LOL at “gold plated invite card”
      I never knew people were like this oh, I’m better informed now sha.
      Ha I didn’t get a notification for it, will check it now.
      Thanks darling!


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