Product Review: Classic Makeup USA 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

Hey dolls, doing good?

I’m here with my final (fingers crossed lol) product review on Classic Makeup USA, their liquid lipsticks. I’ve reviewed a host of other things from this brand such as:

Face Contour Kit

Mattifying Face Primer

Cream To Powder Foundation

Mattifying Liquid Foundation

Mattifying Concealing Foundation

Setting Spray

Orange Blush

Eyebrow & Eyeliner Duo

Let’s get into this review shall we? This is just a few shades I felt I needed, the shade range is wider than this and not limited to these.

Side by side swatch of VIP and Beyond Beauty Liquid Lipstick in 42. VIP is a tad bit darker than 42 so if you have either, no need to buy both.
Wearing Duke.
           Wearing Thunder.
      Wearing Hot Flame.

Product – Classic Makeup USA 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

Price – 500naira.

Pigmentation – All these lipsticks apply smoothly and are very pigmented.

I’m bad at describing colors, sorry.

  • Hot Flame – a darker red (darker than Ruby Woo), great consistency and pigmentation.
  • Pepper – a bright red shade (if you have Ruby Woo by Classic Cosmetics, this shade is brighter than it), consistency is a bit thin but workable, dries matte, great pigmentation.
  • VIP – a dark brick red shade, consistency is quite thicker than the rest, doesn’t dry matte but very pigmented.
  • Thunder – a very dark brown that looks almost black when applied on lips, so pigmented and dries matte.
  • Wine – applies smoothly, very pigmented and dries matte.
  • Duke –  a dark purple shade, applies smoothly, very pigmented, a swipe is enough.
  • Spicy – I can’t place this shade but it’s suitable for fairer skin tones, I haven’t been able to work with this shade yet because it looks off on me, dries matte and great pigmentation.
  • Cocoa Bean – a light brown shade, suitable for fairer skin tones but I love it, very pigmented, smooth to apply and dries matte.
  • Jazzberry Jam – a candy pink shade, seemed a bit streaky on my arm but I haven’t worn it on my lips yet (most pink liquid lipsticks are streaky so…), great pigmentation and dries matte.

Where To Buy: Any beauty store/supermarket.

Will I Recommend?

Hell yes!

The shade range is so amazing I’m so proud of Classic Cosmetics.

I did not review all their shades, the red range still includes a Tomato shade, the pink range includes Oriental Pink which is a baby pink, the nude range includes Nude Girl & Metallic Nude (ghost nude), the brown range includes Milbrook & Shiraz, there’s a blue shade too.

P.S – Duke is a dark purple, it doesn’t photograph well in my swatch so I included a picture of it on my lips.

Which Classic Liquid Lipsticks do you own or is in your wishlist? I’m still going to get Nude Girl, Oriental Pink and either Milbrook or Shiraz and call it a haul lol.

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23 thoughts on “Product Review: Classic Makeup USA 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

  1. These lip glosses look really good! I had the Beyond Beauty shade 42 but I can’t find it any longer, I’ll try out the classic VIP instead.
    Btw, your makeup is on point👌


  2. I have like nearly all the shades in the range, Shiraz is quite a nice colour especially on dark ladies like me. I like the way your highlight stands out in your pictures. Wer done!


  3. Love love your makeup babe. The lip glosses are the only classic makeup product I can recommend any day. They are so pigmented and stay matte all day.


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