Episode 9: His Wife Called | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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My heart started racing, as usual. I was so scared and my head suddenly became so heavy to move, I was just staring at Tade, panicking. I had so many thoughts running through my mind like “who could it be? Was it his wife? What if she was monitoring him?” He took a step back from me, smiled and told me to go sit on one of the sofas in the heart of the office. I obeyed like a child, got off the desk, dragged my dress to its normal length, adjusted my hair and tried to walk to the sofa but I couldn’t even walk well, I felt I was going to fall, you know what he does to my body now, he makes my legs weak, sends sensations down my waist and makes me lose my breath. He teased me about not knowing how to walk anymore and I just dragged myself to the sofa as fast as I could.

When I was comfortable on the sofa, Tade then beckoned to the person at the door to come in. It was a lady, a very pretty lady. She walked in with a smile on her face as if she had seen us in HD, with a key card in her hand. As she was walking into the office I quickly looked at her fingers to see a wedding band but I didn’t see any, besides the lady was young, bad as e bad she can’t be more than 25 or 26 years old so I just said under my breath “this can’t be his wife now, she’s too young”. She walked straight to meet Tade, then when she came closer to the desk she saw me, squinted her eyes and said “good evening ma” while bowing her head slightly. I was shocked a little but I managed to say “good evening, how are you?” She smiled and said “very well thank you ma” and looked at Tade, exchanging pleasantries with him in a slightly formal manner.

I was just sitting there, looking at them both, trying to decipher what was going on. Tade then introduced us, apparently her name is Dami and she is his personal assistant/executive secretary. I replied with a slightly sarcastic and long “oohhh, okay”. He explained that he had called her earlier if she could make it to the office to help with his itinerary for the week, with emphasis on tomorrow’s schedule as he had a lot on his mind and he wanted to resolve them on Sunday and not Monday morning. I nodded and gave a fake smile but in my head I was like why you no tell me sey person fit show for your office ehn?.

They spoke for some minutes and she left the office to go sort out his itinerary at home because she had guests. She said goodbye to me and I smiled and said goodbye back, I then rolled my eyes at Tade and said I was scared, he should’ve told me we were expecting company. He smiled, walked to where I was sitting on the sofa, stood behind me, leaned in and said “the only reason you’re mad right now is because you didn’t want any interruptions right? I’d make it up to you love”. I told him I was worried she must’ve seen us since the door to his office is a frosted glass one, he said Dami is very short sighted and if the person isn’t a footstep away from her, she’s literally blind, coupled with this frosted glass so she definitely didn’t see anything.

He went back to work on his laptop and we were just sharing jokes and enjoying each other’s company. Twenty minutes later I told him I wanted to leave, he got up, walked towards me and asked I stayed for another thirty minutes so he could drop me home. I rolled my eyes and told him I had to get home because my mom was to be back that evening and I didn’t want her wahala. He smiled and said he can’t wait to have me all to himself one weekend, then leaned in to kiss my forehead. He hugged me so tight (just how I love my hugs) and I left his office.

In minutes I was home, mom called and said she had landed in Lagos and she’s be home a bit late because she wanted to meet up with a friend. I said “even better” to myself and fixed dinner for myself and slept off, since mom has her own keys to the house.

Monday morning my phone buzzed and the caller was Tade. I thought for a second if I should use my dead morning voice or not but I just shenk’d it and answered the phone call, he might as well enjoy my morning voice I said to myself as I answered his call. We spoke for twenty minutes, talking about his schedule for the day and how he can’t wait to be done with everything and just spend some time with me. I blushed and told him we’d work something out and wished him a lovely day.

I had just met Tade beginning of the month, it’s been barely a week we started talking very well and I was already into him. I started questioning myself where he had been all my life before he got married. “Why didn’t we bump into each other in my university days? I’m sure he wasn’t married then“. I laughed at myself and said I wouldn’t have taken Tade serious when I was in university. University days were my reckless days mehn, thank God for growth.

Throughout that second week of being friends with Tade, he always called me every morning on his way to work and every evening on his way back home. He had such a busy week he wasn’t even coming to the office anymore because it was from one meeting on the Island to the other, he always got back home late by 10pm, is that now when he would want to come to my house? He always suggested it but I know my mother, I told him not to bother that we’d definitely see maybe that weekend or so. We texted everyday, Tade was part of my daily life and I was a part of his. We texted often at night, after a long day at work if he couldn’t call me, he’d text me. Tade kept talking about the nasty things he wanted to do to me, sometime. If his wife picks up his phone and goes through our messages, she’d probably have my head on a stick or something. We were also sending selfies to each other, sometimes I’d send a picture of my thighs or lips just to spice it up a little. Haha Tade sucked at taking selfies, he takes selfies like such a daddy.

We made plans to go out on Saturday and I was so excited I already brought cloth out to wear since Wednesday, only for him to call on Saturday and cancel because he had an impromptu meeting and he wasn’t sure when it would end so he didn’t want to keep me waiting. I sulked throughout that day, I didn’t now know what to do with myself. A part of me even thought maybe he had to take his wife and kids out that day but he didn’t know how to tell me so he just lied it was a meeting. Even if it was true, how is it your business? I asked myself, “didn’t you know he was a married man with responsibilities before chooking head inside?” I couldn’t even categorize what we had currently. I didn’t know if we were friends or lovers or seeing how things go? I decided to watch a series of movies to clear my mind and head.

He called by 10pm on Saturday and it sounded a bit noisy with kids yelling in the background. I asked if he was home and he said yes, he had been home since 8pm but couldn’t talk to me because his wife was hovering around him. I teased him that she had missed him so it was only right to hover around him, he laughed and said he wishes I was hovering around him. I asked if she wasn’t there listening to his conversation, he said no but he was walking to his game room so he could talk to me privately. I was just smiling sheepishly to myself for reasons best known to me really.

We talked about his day and all that was in between, he said he just wanted to leave the meeting and be with me all day. He had a way with words because I was just blushing up and down. We then agreed to see the following day, Sunday, after church. We talked for thirty minutes before he had to hang up abruptly. He then texted and said his wife walked in so he had to just drop his phone and pick up his game console. I laughed and said he is an onisekuse (someone who does rubbish). He said he had really missed me and couldn’t wait to see me on Sunday, he had even forgotten what I looked like because it had been so long. I teased and said it had only been six days, then I sent him a selfie of me placing my fingers on the strap of my slip dress (my nightie). I wanted to tease him and it worked. He texted me immediately saying I was such a tease and I wouldn’t “stand” when he “starts” because I get weak easily. So much pun in his reply, I just smiled and said goodnight because I knew where the conversation was headed and I honestly wasn’t prepared.

I decided not to go to church (because I didn’t want to hear Pastor preach about fornication abeg, that’s when he’d be doing series on fornication and adultery and I wasn’t having it) so I laid in bed, surfed the internet and watched a couple of movies while having breakfast and semi lunch on my bed. I’m sure Tade assumed I went to church because he texted me by 3pm asking how I was and how church was, I told him I didn’t go and I was just lazying around. He said we should meet up by 5pm, it was cool with me so I decided to finally get up from the bed and get dressed.

By 4:30pm I was ready because I’ve been looking forward to this day. Tade called to say he was almost at mine, I told him to park at my estate gate instead because my mom was home. He understood and said he’d be waiting for me there. I dashed out of my room, told my mom I was going to Ola’s house in Ikeja and I wouldn’t be long and walked to the estate gate briskly. I tried to contain my excitement but if you had seen me that day you’d have known I was too excited about something maybe I just got proposed to or there’s thirty billion in my akant.

In no time I got to where he was parked (he brought the G Wagon this time), entered and hugged him for a minute or two. I had missed that. I know it had only been a week but I had missed him a whole lot I just wanted to be buried in his arms and I didn’t know when I said that, I told him “I just want to be buried in your arms Tade”, he squeezed me even more and I knew the feeling was mutual. He released me and kissed my forehead as I closed my eyes, it’s just a thing I do when I’m being kissed, I closed my eyes (lol yes I’m an ashewo, tainz).

He started driving and asked me about my week. I gave him highlights and started gisting him about recent news on social media because he isn’t social media savvy. We got to this place in Opebi, a restaurant with underground parking. I’d been living in Lagos for over twenty years but I had never been to this restaurant that is at the back of my house. I teased him about knowing all the koros (hidden places) in Lagos and he said this is a restaurant him and his wife frequent.

At that moment I decided not to get out of the car oh. I told him someone who knew his wife could see us both and tell her. He laughed and said I was being naive. I said “I like being naive abeg, I’m not getting out of the car”. He smiled and agreed so I got comfortable in the car and we started talking again.

Tade – Ona, I know this may seem like it’s premeditated but I like you a whole lot and I want to be with you, intimately, in every shape and form.

Me – Tade, you know that can’t happen.

Tade – Why? Is it because I’m married?

Me – Of course!

Tade – That doesn’t hold ground. I’m working on something, I didn’t want to tell you yet but anyways, I’m working on a relocation plan for her and the kids. They’d relocate to America, hopefully before the year ends because I’ve already started processing it.

Me – Sigh, Tade you expect me to just believe that? Even if, it doesn’t make you single.

Tade – But it does make me available and you won’t be scared to go out with me.

Me – I’m not scared, I’m just cautious.

Tade – The restaurants we’ve been to, you think I don’t go with her too?

Me – Sigh, please let’s not talk about this.

Tade – Exactly, let’s focus on us and not on definition.

Me – I like you too but I’m afraid.

Tade – Afraid that?

Me – That my life won’t move forward, it will just be moving in circles, leading nowhere.

Tade – What do you want it to lead to? Marriage? I can marry you Ona, will you marry me?

Me – *laughs* stop jare.

Tade – Sheybi nkan ti o fe niyen? Je’n fe ey gege bi iyawo. (Isn’t that what you want? Let me marry you as my wife) *winks*

Me – *stares and smiles*

Tade – *laughs* You’re already considering it? Look at you! On a lighter note, when is your birthday?

Me – Last Friday of this month.

Tade – Big girl, you’d be what this year? 24 or 25?

Me – I’d be 24 now.

Tade – I’d be 39 this year.

Me – You’re big daddy now.

Tade – Haha yes, that’s the perfect nickname for me.

Me – You like it?

Tade – I love it when you say it.

Me – *blushes*

Tade – Anyway, what do you have in mind for your birthday?

Me – I haven’t really thought about it but I was thinking of spending the weekend at Aunty Tolu’s, I haven’t seen my kids in a while.

Tade – Her kids you mean?

Me – You know what I mean jo.

Tade – Yes I do, how about you dedicate that weekend to me instead?

Me – Hmm what will it entail?

Tade – I pick you up on Friday, we go for a client’s traditional wedding. The next day is his white wedding. Wait, I actually have two weddings that Saturday, then the boys are organizing Sunday brunch, then I get you home safely Sunday evening.

Me – Sounds like a plan I’d be interested in, hmmm, let’s see.

Tade – Haha is this the part you do shakara for me? I know you’d be interested anyway.

Me – That’s if the men in my life don’t have a better plan.

Tade – Hmmm okay no problem, we’d see.

We gisted for a while then he suggested he gets me something to eat, at least when I get home since I didn’t want to get out of the car. I waited for him in the car while he went to get me food. In some minutes he was back and we drove home. It was 7:30pm as we were entering Magodo. He asked if he could drop me home but I told him to drop me at a pharmacy close to my estate instead because I was trying to be careful. We didn’t spend so much time in the car after we got to the pharmacy, we hugged and he said he’d call me and I got down and walked home. He called me as I was walking away and said he’d want to remain on the phone with me till I got home so those small boys walking behind me wouldn’t walk up to me. I found it cute and we talked till I got home.

The next day I woke up to my phone buzzing, interrupting my sweet sleep. I rolled to the other side of the bed and checked the caller ID, you know, expecting Tade’s name to show up but instead I saw a phone number. I thought to myself “this should be a client” so I answered.

Me – Hello?

Caller – Hello, good morning, am I talking to Ona please?

Me – Yes you are, sorry who is this?

Caller – My name is Mrs Kanyisola Oluwole, Tade’s wife.

Sleep cleared from my eyes and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

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  1. Oh my God,this is epic! She’ll probably stop seeing Dre after his wife reveals what she wants to reveal,dunno sha. Hope there’s going to be a pdf version of this story( me wants o) and there’ll be more stories right? covers eye.
    Btw have you considered sharing ya story on other sites?


    1. I hope she doesn’t stop seeing Dre oh.
      I’d sum everything in one and make a pdf version, thanks for suggesting.
      I’m considering writing a new series but it’s not easy oh.
      Haha if they reach out to me, we can pick up from somewhere.


  2. Blood of Jesus!!!!! Wifey calls?????? This ain’t good, and that call came early in th morning. How will ona be able to switch into bitchy mood ASAP,cos that def ain’t a friendly call.


  3. I am so excited! I don’t think the wife will know she is the mistress, maybe she just wants to buy clothes. Lol.


  4. Came to catch up again… Why season finale already na??? You’re only permitted if next season will resume immediately ooo haba.
    I’m enjoying this a little too much



  5. Bookie! This is wonderful I must say, we need season 2 please! PS: I haven’t commented ever since cause I’ve been busy reading from episode 1 & in less than an hour I’m in episode 9. I’ve never been a reader but this is too lit to pass me by & BTW it’s on bookie’s blog so why not try right?…..lol…..love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖


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