Product Review: Beyond Beauty 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

Hey darlings, how are you? So over the weekend I created a highly requested everyday makeup tutorial on my Snapchatthelifeofbey, if you watched it, did you enjoy it?

Of course I posted pictures on Instagrambookiekunlere. Now you wish you were following me right haha!

So as we all know, the series I’ve been writing for the past month is coming to an end this Friday, sobs sobs. I’m going to make a PDF version as requested by Krystal & Joyce and every other person that had it in mind. I just don’t know how it will be; either a downloadable version or I send to your emails? Which will be better? Let me know please.

Anyway I’m here with a product that almost everyone has reviewed except me. The shade range is wider than these, I only picked these shades for now but I’d expand it as I’ve seen some other shades I’d love to have, let’s get into the review shall we?

    Wearing 26 in this picture.

Product – Beyond Beauty 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

Price – 300 naira.

Pigmentation – I suck at describing colors but I will try. They’re pigmented anyway.

  • 42 – a dark red brick shade, similar to VIP by Classic Makeup USA, just a tad bit lighter, dries matte and a swipe goes a long way.
  • 26 – a peachy toned nude shade, dries matte and is nicely pigmented, looks like it won’t fly on my brown skin but it does, I can only use it when I line my lips with a lip liner.
  • 11 – a purple shade I’ve worn once or twice because it’s not really my thing, I prefer darker purples, dries matte however.
  • 07 – a bright red shade, a tad bit brighter than Pepper by Classic Makeup USA, dries matte. Bright red shades look better when I line my lips with a dark purple lip liner or dark red lipstick for that gradient effect.

Where To Buy – Any supermarket or roadside seller.

Will I Recommend?

Definitely, these are very affordable liquid lipsticks for makeup lovers that don’t want to break the bank for high-end liquid lipsticks.

However the availability of different shades of this lipstick is quite poor. It’s like every seller just has these four shades I reviewed whereas there are so many other shades (I know because my friend has those other shades).

Oh and by the way, I know I’m your plug for cheap products that actually deliver, you’re most welcome! Kisses!

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14 thoughts on “Product Review: Beyond Beauty 24 Hours Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

  1. Its funny how I have these exact four shades. I didn’t even know there were other shades, I have to search for them. I’m loving your cheap find series, nice review👌


      1. I have been trying on line but, couldn’t find any, I just need to make an order if u can inbox me a store you r sure abt.


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