Product Review: Avour 24 Hours Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss.

Hey dolls, you good? It’s a week dedicated to liquid lipsticks, hope you enjoy my cheap finds? Let’s get into this review.

  Wearing 23 in this picture.
Wearing 06 mixed with NYX soft matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi (at the center)
  Wearing 17 in this picture.


Swatches of all my red liquid lipsticks with the exception of Ruby Woo there, which is a matte roll up standard lipstick.

Product – Avour 24 Hours Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss.

Price – 500 naira in the supermarket I buy it but it’s now 1000 naira in Yaba, Lagos (recession perhaps?) but if you can haggle the price, you should be able to get it for 700 naira.

Pigmentation –  As always, I’d try to describe the shades to the best of my knowledge.

  • 23 – a bright red shade (not as bright as 07 from Beyond Beauty or Pepper by Classic Makeup USA), dries matte and is nicely pigmented.
  • 06 – a dark grey brown shade, darker than what it looks like in the bottle which I found weird because I was looking for a nude shade, however it applies smoothly, dries matte and is nicely pigmented.
  • 30 – I can’t place this shade and I’ve never worn it (I don’t know why though). It’s like a dark purple shade, similar to Duke by Classic Makeup USA, just a tad bit lighter, dries matte and has the best pigmentation from the bunch.
  • 17 – a candy pink shade, quite streaky (which is why I rarely do pink liquid lipsticks), dries matte and breaks when applied. It’s my least favorite and I’ve only worn it once.

Where To Buy – Any supermarket or roadside seller.

Will I Recommend?


The shade range is amazing really, also I like the slim packaging, looks quite sleek and the name imprinted doesn’t fade off like my Classic Makeup USA liquid lipsticks. I also wish the liquid lipsticks had names too other than numbers but that doesn’t change anything I guess.

If you have these lipsticks, what’s your favorite shade?

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