Season Finale? | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

Hey hey, how are you today? I know you want to quickly read past this my boring intro, straight to Episode 10 of I’m In Love With A Married Man but hold on.

I’m not bringing Episode 10 to you today, I started this series with the intent of having just 10 episodes and ending it there but I didn’t even think I’d get this much feedback (THANK YOU!) from you all.

It’s been an amazing eight weeks, YES IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS ALREADY! I’m excited too!

Basically, the reason I’m not bringing Episode 10 (P.S I haven’t even typed it yet) to you yet is because I want to run a poll.

I posted this on my Snapchat and InstaStory and I’m yet to receive responses from you, it makes me think sometimes I’m just deceiving myself by putting these episodes up if you don’t respond to simple questions like this.

Anyway, moving past that, here’s a poll I need you to vote on, kindly share it too to your other IILWAMM (I’m In Love With A Married Man) addicts, so I know what to do nextweek.

Thanks for voting, you can leave a comment of encouragement too while you’re at it.



15 thoughts on “Season Finale? | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

  1. I think a downloadable version will be better for posterity. so anyone who ever visits the blog can get it. make sure to embed every page with your watermark and make it impossible to copy and paste if you can. Kisses.


  2. Hello, im an ardent lover of your blog, ig feed and this series… I will like to say you do such a great work, keep it up….

    A quick tip though, if you will like to have your book in a downloadable version or to reach more readers, you should totally get in touch with the good people of okada books; they will totally help you with what you need to pull it through….

    Sigh, we should be compensated for skipping this week though…

    Well done!!!


  3. I stumbled across you page yesterday and I read from part 1 to 9 in less than an hour. You are a good writer. Please when will part 10 be out. PS. I shared it with some friends and they totally enjoyed it. Cheers


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