Episode 10: Ready For Big Daddy | Season Finale | I’m In Love With A Married Man.

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I sat up straight on the bed, phone in hand, clearing my eyes and throat so as not to sound so scared over the phone.

Me – Good morning ma.

Tade’s Wife – Good morning dear, hope I didn’t wake you up?

Me – No ma you didn’t, how are you?

Tade’s Wife – I’m fine dear. I got your number from Sade, she wore this beautiful dress to church on Sunday and I’ve been on her neck as to where she purchased it from, she finally gave me your number.

Me – Aww okay ma, will you like to make a purchase too?

Tade’s Wife – Yes dear, I have an outing this weekend with my husband and I don’t know what to wear oh.

Me – Haha, what do you have in mind ma?

Tade’s Wife – I don’t even know, I was thinking a dress maybe?

Me – What type of outing is it ma?

Tade’s Wife – It’s a friend’s birthday party but you know other wives will be there and I want to look really good.

Me – Okay ma, do you like jumpsuits?

Tade’s Wife – Yes but I’ve never had one, will it look good on me? I’m a size 14 oh.

Me – Even better, it will accentuate all your assets ma haha!

Tade’s Wife – Ehnhen, iyen gan gan ni mo fe (that’s exactly what I want), okay dear, will you send pictures to me?

Me – Yes ma, but I’m expecting new stock by Wednesday so when they arrive, I’d send pictures.

Tade’s Wife – Okay dear that’s fine, I’d wait till Wednesday, I should come by my husband’s office on Friday so I can try them on, is that okay?

Me – Yes ma that’s okay, see you on Friday ma, have a lovely day.

Tade’s Wife – You too my dear, bye.

I sighed heavily. I had a million and one thoughts in my head when she addressed herself as Mrs Oluwole. I don dey fear sey wetin I put myself into. I was waiting for the “gboko gboko! Leave my husband alone, elese plastic, oniranu oshi, ko mo ju ko ma gboko kaari adugbo” and the many curses that follows because that’s how it is in Nollywood.

I had mixed feelings. If things went well she was going to become my client, how do I face her everytime, knowing fully well that I’m getting physical with her husband? How will I keep my composure? How do I try not to let her know her husband calls me baby as well? I knew it was going to be a rough week for me.

I said to myself I wouldn’t have all these heart attacks if I was with a single man. Ona what are you getting yourself into? I said to myself countless times. I decided to call Sade and blast her for not letting me know Tade’s wife was going to call me, I mean was she my friend? Did she have my best interest at heart at all?

Me – Sade how far?

Sade – Baby girl, mo wa pa oh, what’s up?

Me – Sade you should’ve told me you gave Tade’s wife my number now.

Sade – Ahan, I don’t understand. She’s a potential client for you now, she had been on my neck since lastweek for your number because I wore that embellished dress I bought from you to church.

Me – Sorry I didn’t mean it like that, I’m expecting new stock as I’m low on clothes right now and I didn’t want to look like I didn’t have clothes for sale you get?

Sade – Okay I get now, see how you were attacking me as if you’re having shady business with her husband haha!

Me – *sarcastic laugh* I know right, sorry jare. I’d come by the office soon, I know you’ve missed me.

Sade – Yes oh I’ve missed you, let me know how far sha.

Me – No problem, talk to you later.

I wanted to slap myself to have sense small. Why was I attacking Sade? Why was I so defensive? See what being with a married man is doing to me. I said to myself once more that I was done with Tade because I couldn’t stand the guilt gripping me by the neck.

Tade called me some minutes later and I told him I had to see him later that week, preferably by the close of work. He said he wanted to see me as well because he had missed me and he wanted to squeeze me for some minutes and have my perfume linger on him. I said to myself “what is doing me isn’t what is doing this one oh“. 

Anyway it was like God was opening a new door for me, remember Gbenga? Ola’s colleague at work? Well he texted me saying we should hang out later that week, I told him to pick a day and spot, he told me because he doesn’t stay on the mainland he doesn’t know so many places so I will have to pick the spot and as for the day, he was on leave that week so the ball was entirely in my court. I smiled to myself and looked up to Heaven saying “God thank you oh, I can shift my focus from Tade to Gbenga, thank you Abba”.

I picked a spot at GRA and told him Wednesday by 3pm seemed fine by me, he said he was okay with it and he couldn’t wait to see me. Prior to the call, we hadn’t talked that much but we had talked sha. I wasn’t giving him so much attention as I was giving Tade but I responded to his messages and calls. It’s a one-man-at-a-time thing for me so I can keep my sanity abeg if not, someone will just run mad because of man.

Wednesday came and my new orders got delivered very early so I had enough time to sort out deliveries and keep Tade’s wife’s outfits. I picked a dress from my old stock, it was a lovely sleeveless three-quarter burgundy pencil dress with feathery frills at the hem. I decided to pair it with nude strap low block heels and a nude small shoulder purse. I had curled my hair with flexi rods a day before so I took them out and brushed my hair into bouncy curls resting on my shoulders. For makeup I decided to keep it nude and simple because I didn’t want to be late all in the name of a cut-crease. He called me by 1pm saying he was leaving Lekki to then mainland, which was when I decided to hop into the bathroom to get ready and it was some minutes after 2pm, he called to say he was approaching Magodo that I should text or describe my house. I smiled to myself thanking God that I’ve gotten to the level where men come pick me up from my house for dates.

I described my house and he said I stay on the phone till he’s infront of my house, I was already dressed just wearing my shoes so I didn’t have a problem with that. In minutes he was infront of mine, I told my mom I was going to have lunch with a friend, she said I should be careful and not stay out too late and I left the house.

As I got out of my house, standing by my house gate, I was looking around for a G Wagon or Range Rover but I saw one red Toyota Camry 2014 model with the headlights on, parked right beside my house. My eye don tear sha, Tade has raised the bar so high I was expecting to see some mad ass car, I laughed at my stupidity and walked towards the car. He opened the door for me from inside and I got in. He smelled great so that was a plus for me. I hugged him and we got moving.

We arrived at this restaurant in GRA and I was so pleased with myself that I picked the right spot because as soon as we entered and walked up to the restaurant, he was already dropping notes about how he likes the ambiance of the restaurant already, I smiled sheepishly to myself saying “I know right?”. We ordered for drinks and started talking. So Gbenga doesn’t work in the same company as Ola. He explained that his friend works at Ola’s company and Ola had already said if she doesn’t say he is a colleague, I might have not been interested. I laughed at the accuracy.

He kept talking about himself, he works with an oil company on the island, he’s 27 years old , he’s single (praise God!), ready to mingle. From my assessment, Gbenga is 5’9 (I’m about 5’6 if you were wondering), he’s not chubby but he has body sha, I don’t know how to explain it but he seems nice all in all. 

Lunch was great with him but the sad part was while I was having lunch with Gbenga and he was talking about work and all that’s in between, I was thinking of Tade. I know right? How dare I? I couldn’t help it. I was just sitting there smiling at Gbenga but in my mind I was reminiscing when Tade and I went on our first date. Sad part was, Baba was thinking I was so interested in what he was saying because I was smiling at him, little did he know that my mind was far away from what he was saying. I tried to snap myself out of the thought of Tade and focus on Gbenga the nice guy but I just couldn’t.

He later excused himself saying he wanted to use the bathroom and I said he could go ahead. Immediately my phone rang and it was none other than the love of my life, Tade. I answered the call with so much joy in my heart.

Tade – Hey beautiful, ba wo (how far)?

Me – Hey you, I’m great, you?

Tade – I miss you, where are you?

Me – I’m out, on a date.

Tade – Haha how’s that going?

Me – I can read sarcasm in your tone, it’s going great thank you.

Tade – How boring is that date that you’re answering your phone? You never touch your phone when you’re with me on a date.

Me – *rolling my eyes* Tade he just excused himself and you called as soon as he left.

Tade – When will you be done with your date? Big Daddy wants to see you.

Me – Haha are you Big Daddy?

Tade – Who else?

Me – I like it.

Tade – I know.

Me – When he comes back, we’re leaving.

Tade – Okay, ensure he doesn’t touch you.

Me – Is that jealousy in your voice?

Tade – Just don’t let him touch you, see you in a few love.

Me – Okay oh, bye.

Gbenga came back and I hinted that we had to leave. Thank God he caught it and we left the restaurant. The ride back home was great as well, we had things to talk about and no, I wasn’t thinking about Tade this time. He dropped me home, we hugged and he said he had a lovely time, I said “same here, you’re great company” and I really meant it. He said he’d let me know when he’s home then got back into the car and drove off. I walked into my house telling myself to have sense and see if things could work out with Gbenga.

As I got to my room, I proceeded to the bathroom to pee then my phone rang, it was Tade. I answered and he asked if I was home yet, I said “yes” then he said he was almost at mine. I told him to park by the street after my estate, he said he’d be waiting for me there. I decided not to wear my panties just because *wink wink*. 

I got into the car and Tade was just staring at me. I asked what was wrong and he teased me saying I don’t look this nice when he takes me out. I laughed and hugged him. The hug was so tight, just how I love it. I had missed him, I just wanted to be buried in his embrace, I always want to be buried in his embrace. As  he released me he kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes. He told me how he had missed me and he knew his week would go south if he didn’t see me before it ended. I giggled and told him all these sweet words don’t work for me anymore (of course I was lying).

I then told him his wife called me.

Me – Your wife called me.

Tade – What did she say?

Me – *a bit annoyed he doesn’t seem surprised* She told me to stop texting you and I should let you be.

Tade – Haha she can’t say such.

Me – Why?

Tade – Because she can’t say anything like that, besides she couldn’t have seen our chat, I always delete them.

Me – What about our calls? She sees your call logs, you calling some Ona girl.

Tade – Haha no, I didn’t save your number as Ona, I saved it as Dr. Tolu Abeokuta.


Tade – Haha no my love, did you think I’d save your number with your actual name? Come on.

Me – Wow, so that’s how you save your girlfriend’s numbers right?

Tade – Come on love, don’t be like that.

Me – No it’s fine, I should change your name as Jamiu Mechanic.

Tade – *laughing so hard* That’s my mechanic’s name!

It was so funny I laughed as well. He then beckoned to me to lay my head on his chest/shoulder which I did. I love being with him, I love how we communicate, I love almost everything about this man but he’s married. I told him she called to order for some outfits, he said he was there when she called me. I looked at him with a big “are you for real?” on my face. He laughed and said he knew I’d have handled it with so much maturity so he wasn’t too bothered.

We sat in the car talking about my birthday which was the following week and what I had planned for it. I told him I didn’t have plans as usual asides being home, receiving a birthday cake from my mom and just responding to phone calls and Whatsapp messages. I don’t have that much of a social life so I wasn’t really going to go all out for my birthday. He said his offer was still open, his offer about us going for the two weddings he had to attend on my birthday weekend and the brunch he had with his friends on Sunday. He then said it’s just an excuse to spend more time with me that he might change the plans to something better, depending on what that week says. I told him I’m down for whatever he has planned, he leads while I follow.

We got out of the car (he brought his Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan), he placed me on the boot of the car and we got talking about work and business. He said he was going to invest some money in my business since it seemed like that’s what I want to focus on. I was so excited I thanked and reached for a hug. He held my waist and I placed my hands at the back of his head, there was no space between us and he kissed me. He pushed my waist closer to his as he was sucking my lower lip slowly. He knew sucking my lower lip always drove me crazy. He proceeded to breathe on the left side of my neck, leaving me with goosebumps which he saw on my arm, he rubbed my arm slowly to get rid of the goosebumps and leaned in to kiss and bite my neck softly, simultaneously. I swallowed my moans because we were outside and I didn’t want someone’s mother to come and disgrace me but all that fear of getting caught was the extra spice I needed. 

He whispered in my ear that I should let out my moans as he started to caress my inner thigh with the tips of his fingers, reaching for panties while kissing me. As his fingers got farther down into my dress, he let out a semi grunt and said he loves how wet my thigh was and he placed his fingers in a position as if to part my panties to the side, but he was a bit shocked to find out I wasn’t wearing any. I could see the joy-hunger-lust in his eyes as he gave me that sexy smirk and said “you came ready for Big Daddy”. I smiled and said “I’m all yours Big Daddy”. 

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  1. Ona the hoe! I’m here wondering why I love her like that but size 14 wife na die if she catch her ooo. Thank God you continued Buks or else I’d have changed it for you.


  2. Jesu.. I was soo scared n well.. Ona small small ooo. This one that you didnt wear panta.. Loll..
    Lovely dear.. Keep it up


  3. Hi Bookie,

    ThIs is the last one I ever got. Does it mean you never continued with Season 2?

    I’m dying I beg. The suspense is killing me!

    Best Wishes,

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    1. Hello Phyllis, I’m afraid it has to be here for now, busy juggling so many things at the same time, hopefully I can balance it all out.
      much love from Nigeria!


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