Product Review: Makeup Revolution London Luxury Banana Powder.

Hey hey, how are you? A little chit chat about setting powders before we get into this review.

Ever since Ben Nye Banana Setting Powder and Sacha Buttercup came to limelight, everyone has been so geeked about baking/caking their face, in simple terms, setting the concealer or foundation with loose powder to eliminate creasing and prolong the “life” of the concealer or foundation.

I’ve never really liked that baking thing for myself, I just feel I will look like a ghost if I use a translucent powder or any banana setting powder, so all I do is apply it like regular powder so I don’t overdo it.


N.B: This post is sponsored by BeautyFrenzyShop, all opinions are mine.

Product: Makeup Revolution London Luxury Banana Powder.

Price: N4000.

Where To Buy: BeautyFrenzyShop

How I Use:

After blending my concealer into my skin, I use a tapered powder brush to pick this setting powder and I apply it on areas I applied the concealer like my T-zone, underneath my eyes, around my mouth, underneath my contour line.

What I Think:

  • It’s a great setting powder, helps to keep my foundation in place for over 12 hours.
  • The concealer under my eye doesn’t even crease one bit after being in the sun for hours.
  • My foundation doesn’t settle into my smile lines as much with this setting powder which is a major plus.
  • It is quite light for my skin, when I first used it I was scared I was going to look like a ghost, now all I do is to apply this setting powder first, then layer it with the setting powder from Classic Makeup USA Face Definer Kit which is has more golden undertones and that balances everything.

All in all, this setting powder is here to stay, I want to try the Black Opal Deluxe Powder, I’ve read great reviews about it and it has a good shade range.

Don’t forget to get at IJ (beautyfrenzyshop) for all the makeup items on your wishlist.

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