A Lunch Date With Bloggers in Lagos.

Long time no post, Happy new month darlings!

Over the weekend I met up with amazing bloggers just to have lunch, take pictures and etc.

It was a swell lunch date and I’m looking forward to more!

P.S. I have super big news regarding this so wait for it.

A little review about Yellow Chilli Restaurant;

  • I love the location, it’s in the heart of GRA so it isn’t difficult to locate.
  • I love the scenery too, perfect for pictures (Bloggers take note).
  • Their food isn’t overly pricey, it’s quite decent.
  • Their food portions however are quite small, peep the white rice for that plenty bowl of stew.
  • On the bright side, I love how the stew was filled with all sorts of meat parts, tasted yum too!

Lunch: The Yellow Chilli Restaurant at Ikeja GRA.

Food: Obe Ata Dindin with White Rice for N3000.

Drink: Tutti Frutti N1200.

Ice Cream: Oh La La Confectionary at Ikeja GRA, N500 per scoop.

Check us out on Instagram:

Jennifer: thejenniferabah

Ifedayo: amakupjunkie_

April: hername_april

Ifeoluwa: if3oluwa_b

Bookie: bookiekunlere

Today I’d be relaxing my hair after four years of being natural, follow me on Snapchat for more!

Snapchat: thelifeofbey



6 thoughts on “A Lunch Date With Bloggers in Lagos.

  1. What does one have to do to be Invited into such a crew of women from the Seven Kingdoms? I mean, Lagos bloggers! It will be fun to see the faces behind some of the blogs I read.


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