Review: 7 Square Restaurant.

Hey loves, I’m back with another restaurant review, via my restaurant hopping shenanigans on Instagram.

So the day we went to Vanilla Moon, we also went to 7 Square, we did two restaurants in one night hehe.


Location: 7 Musa Yar’ Adua street, Victoria Island, Lagos (It is adjacent to The Backyard).

AmbienceI love the art on the wall, every corner has a different wallpaper, I like it. Warm lighting as well.

Space: There’s a lot of space, as well as a smoker’s corner (which is spacious enough to be another restaurant on its own lol).

Price: I had Yam Strips – N1500 and Spicy Chicken Wings – N3800, they charge consumption tax and VAT separately.

Quality: My food was totally delish! 7 Square met my expectations and I’m glad.

Service: Service was great, the waiter was super nice and the manager stopped by to say hello, we got 2 free tequila shots each.

Blogger friendly: Totally picture friendly, the waiter also didn’t have a problem in taking pictures of us.

Parking: There’s a good amount of parking in the compound.

Have you been to 7 Square? How was your experience?

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2 thoughts on “Review: 7 Square Restaurant.

  1. This fried yam, sorry, Yam strips 🙄, look like they went to Harvard. Lovely post, I enjoy reading restaurant reviews. The frugal part of me can’t allow me to have fun. 1,500 for a few pieces of fried yam??? Erhmmm, that’s like three tubes of yam from Mile 12. (Gosh, I can’t believe myself, all atoms of “I Just Got Back,” in me have evaporated!)


    1. LOL! Yes they yam strips went to Harvard and they tasted great too!

      I can soooo relate to the frugality but I try to think of it as a well deserved splurge.

      We should totally hang out sometime!


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